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obama_blind_eyeWriter: Nedal Naisseh

Exclusive Levant TV

Saudi Arabia, America’s best and staunchest ally, is regarded widely and considered according to many different political and intellectual levels,  as  an outdated invalid “Kingdom of Evil” and savage atrocities, though it is raising high banners of religion and faith, and using these banners to defend itself against any criticism as targeted by those atheists and enemies of religion and faith. This medieval rather stone age  entity, is still following in the third millennium a hierarchal patriarchal obscurantist religious and tribal closed mode of governance, where there are no constitutions, laws, parties, parliament  or  any kind of elected bodies. Slavery is widely practiced and human trafficking is very lucrative and prosperous business for Saudis where they import white and “black” “slaves”, including children (for camel races), women (jariah),   for many  different “uses”  including sexual abuse, rape and homosexuality.

The tragedy of women in this Kingdom is a very unique one of all the time; they are subject to  gender discrimination where man is considered a guardian and caretaker of a woman who has no right to go out door unless having a special permission from his “Majesty” the masculine  guardian or custodian. Women in this obscurantist Kingdom have no right to drive a car, to ride a bike, to study or even to go to school alone. Child’s marriage is allowed here, including other Persian Gulf Sheikhdoms,  little girls who are above six years old are being married “raped” lawfully by fifty, sixty or even eighty years old men. A man can also buy them in cash from their parents, after paying their “agreed-upon price” (Al Mohr).

There isn’t any kind of legal opposition. No one can or even dares to criticize His Majesty the king or any other Prince from the “sacred” infallible Royal family,  either openly or secretly.  The mode of taking power over is a hereditary one, for the king,  which is confined to the sons of the founder King Abdul Aziz; as we speak now, the youngest of them is 75 years old. Some mocking this by saying it is the Kingdom of Alzheimer and the trembling sand land.

The Kingdom is the only state in the world which is still beheading people openly in public squares without trials, pleading or having any kind of the known judicial proceedings. Amputating detainees and convicted people  is a preferable punishment compared with beheading and other atrocious ones, like throwing them alive, as it happened to Nasser Al Said early in eighties of last century.

With fabulous petrodollars revenues, and with the absence of any kind of controlled mechanism of bellicose speech and mobilization, Saudi  Arabia became the main incubator, producer, and exporter of international terrorism. 70% of foreign terrorists (or the Syrian revolutionaries in Western Media),  who are fighting, killing and sabotaging in Syria,  are from Saudi Arabia. James clapper, top American security official, referred to that openly late last week. At the same time, in order to ease the growing international fury and indignation over this pressing fact,  King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia confessed directly the liability of his Kingdom,  by issuing last week a Royal decree to punish those  Saudi terrorists and suicide bombers who are fighting abroad in many countries like Afghanistan (where they are killing American and Western soldiers), Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Somalia, Mali, Chechnya, Libya where American Ambassador Christopher Stevens was killed, by the “revolutionaries”,  in September 2012.

US, in fact, is occupied fully now in toppling down the civil, secular and plural “regime” in Syria, by supporting and sending the same Saudi terrorists whom the same royal decree called to punish very strictly from 3-20 years in jail, provocatively and metaphorically, calling them “Syrian Revolutionaries”.

Moreover President Obama is very eager and nostalgic to meet his Saudi closest friends and  going to visit them, in person, in Riyadh, the Capital of darkness, next month.

What a gratitude and a what great reward!!!


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of Levant TV.


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