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Amidst all the triumphs of the Syrian Arab Army around the areas of Yabrood, Al-Zaara and Al-Sufayra, people might have skipped over a massive victory in negotiating a face-saving withdrawal of the FSA from the town of Al-Zabadaani. 

This sister city of Bludaan, both summer resort capitals with great cuisine and scenery, fell to the SAA after the mayor and a majority of citizens made it clear to the rodents that they wanted no more fighting.

The FSA would not go quietly unless their departure would be in a manner consistent with what was left of their dignity. And so, the SAA agreed to have joint patrols at the entryways to Al-Zabadaani commencing February 15, 2014 to make it appear there was no surrender.  The town has been infested for over 1 year and 7 months. The ordeal is over.

But, the good part of the deal is that the FSA has relinquished all heavy weapons and is not permitted to carry any arms inside the town.  This is now a liberated city with the terrorist rats negotiating a return to normal life under the Amnesty Law.

YABROOD:  The Syrian Army has now concluded both an encirclement of the city and occupation of all high ground in preparation for the assault.  SyrPer has learned that 207 rodents have been confirmed killed so far in this operation.  These are rats actually counted by their carcasses.  There are many more which have not been verified.  The rodents are in a hopeless situation.


While some media outlets claim there is still an exit being left for them to the South, our information from Monzer is that no such egress is available.  In fact, Monzer says that the SAA would never permit the vermin to leave toward Damascus, at least not while the SAA has free access from Ra’s Al-’Ayn.

Look carefully at the map. To the far left is Jurood ‘Arsaal, the largely Lebanese Sunni town which has embraced most of the rodents encamped around it.  To the east of it is the Syrian mountain town of Faleeta which is one of the main arteries serving Yabrood as a source for rats and materiel.

يبرود محاصرة من ثلاث جهات.. وتقدم للجيش السوري نحو فليطا

SyrPer assures its readers that the areas of Sahm, Reemaa Farms, Jaraajeer and Ra’s Al-’Ayn are now firmly under the control of the SAA.

In fact, according to our sources, only remnant rodents belonging to the Jabhat Al-Islam are active any longer in these areas and they are out of ammunition and energy.

As of this writing, the town of Faleeta is under siege with the expected liberation to take place within 48 hours as the SAAF pounds the area in preparation for an assault by infantry.  Don’t hold me to this prediction although it seems clear from field evidence that the rats are trying to extricate themselves and get back to Lebanon.


It has been a tough fight, but, the rats have cringed enough in their alleys and sewers to the extent that they have surrendered these areas to the Central Government.  There is no more will to fight as the rats have seen all Saudi-financed deliveries of weapons confiscated by the SAA and delivered to the NDF.  The rats have no other recourse but surrender.


The police have entered and established order.  The skunks have turned over all weapons to the SAA and security forces.  This area of the Sayyida Zaynab Quarter with its attractions for Shi’i pilgrims has been a magnet for Salafist and sectarian rodents for nearly 3 years.  Today, it is finally free.

YARMOUK:  The Palestinian Camp is now seeing an end to the rat presence as announced by Anwar ‘Abdul-Haadi of the PLO office in Damascus.  With no hope in sight for reinforcements and the SAA besieging the area, a corridor was opened up for foreign terrorists while local, Syrian and Palestinian, criminals will be allowed to settle their affairs under the Amnesty laws if available.


Daarayyaa:  At the Automated Bakery, Al-’Alaali and Associations Quarter, SAA killed 4 snipers.  No names available.

Khaan Al-Shaykh at the Sukayk Farms:  Skirmishing with no details.

Skirmishing is reported in these areas without details:

Doumaa:  Skirmishing.

‘Adraa Workers’ Residencies at the Expansion Area near the Al-Baaz Fuel Station. Jabhat Al-Islam took  a hit.  No details.

Jawbar At the Weights and Measurements Station Building, some skirmishing.

Al-Maleeha A nest of rodents was taken into custody and all weapons and ammunition seized for use in killing Saudis.

‘Aaliya Farms:  SAA killed these:

Hassan Al-Beetaar

Suhayl Al-Ahmad

Mustafaa Jallool

Another 3 could not be identified.

Reemaa Farms area: On the margins, 7  Jabhat Al-Nusra wanderers were put down by NDF and SAA.  No names.


A Ziad Fadel report from SyrianPerspective at

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