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Zionist snakes and Wahhabis rats:
a perfect pair of animals,
to be locked up together in a w
ooden coat


Israeli PM Bibi visits injured terrorists in Israeli hospitals.

~ Occupied Jerusalem ~ In further evidence on the unlimited support provided by Israel to the armed terrorist groups in Syria, Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu visited Tuesday evening the field hospital established by the Israeli authorities on the Syrian occupied territories to treat mercenary terrorists.

The Israeli TV channel 10 said Netanyahu, accompanied by political and military officials, visited what the channel described as “the Syrian injured” in the field hospital and shook hands with them.

This visit by Netanyahu coincided with the attempts of Syria’s enemies to escalate terrorism on the southern front and the news on AL Saud providing new weapons to kill the Syrian people.

The Israeli TV channel pointed out that one of the injured terrorists in the hospital thanked Netanyahu for the “perfect treatment” he and other terrorists are offered, with Netanyahu wishing speedy recovery to the injured.

Injured terrorists fighting in Syria have been admitted to a number of most advanced hospitals in the Palestinian territories occupied since 1948 at which senior Israeli officials usually receive treatment.

Evidence on the unlimited support provided to the terrorist groups by the Israeli occupation authorities unfolds daily with the Syrian army personnel seizing Israeli-made advanced communication devices, equipment, weapons and ammunition.



Syrian opposition leader hailed Netanyahu or expressing support for insurgents

A Syrian opposition leader has hailed Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for expressing support for insurgents wounded during the conflict in Syria.

Muhammad Badie said the Syrian opposition is grateful to Netanyahu for his Thursday’s visit to a field hospital in the occupied Golan Heights. Israeli doctors are treating Syrians, including anti-government militants, there.

The Turkey-based leader added that Netanyahu’s visit sent an important message. During the visit, the Israeli premier said that giving medical care to Syrians shows the true face of Israel. Syria and Israel are virtually at war.

Last year, the Israeli military carried out at least three airstrikes against Syria. Damascus accuses Tel Aviv and its Western allies of aiding al-Qaeda-linked insurgent groups.


Netanyahu visits in Israeli hospitals terrorists injured in Syria-2

Oposición siria agradece visita de Netanyahu a sus milicianos

La oposición siria agradeció el viernes la visita del primer ministro del régimen de Israel, Benyamin Netanyahu, y su apoyo a los terroristas heridos durante los disturbios desatados como parte de la crisis siria.

En su entrevista concedida desde la ciudad turca de Estambul a la radio israelí, Mohamad Badie, uno de los líderes de la oposición siria, agradeció la visita del pasado 18 de febrero de Netanyahu a un hospital de campaña situado en los Altos del Golán, territorio ocupado por el régimen de Tel Aviv.

La presencia pública de Netanyahu cerca de los milicianos heridos envió un “mensaje importante”, anotó el opositor.

En este sentido, expresó su agradecimiento, de parte de sus amigos y él mismo, al premier israelí, por haber expresado públicamente su respaldo a los milicianos heridos, en especial, después del fracaso de las recientes conversaciones entre las partes sirias en la Conferencia de Ginebra II.

Recientemente, el canal 2 de noticias del régimen de Israel mostró imágenes de un hospital de campaña israelí secreto, situado en los Altos del Golán, en el cual, durante los últimos meses han sido atendidos más de 700 sirios, incluidos terroristas.

El año pasado, las fuerzas militares del régimen de Israel lanzaron al menos tres ataques aéreos contra Siria.

Desde el inicio de la crisis siria en marzo de 2011, el Gobierno Damasco ha reiterado en varias ocasiones que los episodios de violencia sufridos en el país árabe son resultado de las conspiraciones del régimen de Tel Aviv y sus aliados occidentales para acabar con el Gobierno constitucional del presidente de Siria, Bashar al-Asad.

Según estimaciones, los grupos armados activos en Siria incluyen miembros provenientes de 83 países del mundo, entre ellos Arabia Saudí, Catar, Jordania, Estados Unidos, el Reino Unido, Bélgica, Francia y Australia.

Hispantv – tas/anz


Syrian Jihadists’ & Israel Connection


From The National, February 12-2014  by  100words

“When a rebel was shot and severely wounded during a new offensive on Syria’s southern front, his colleagues knew the only hope of saving his life was to get him to Israel…Israeli soldiers checked the patient for booby-traps and weapons, and then whisked him over the border and rushed him to hospital.

This scenario from last week has played out more than 200 times in the past six months, rebels in southern Syria said…“More than 250 of our people have gone across, they get amazing medical care there,” said a rebel commander in Deraa”


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