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Giogo Sionista-1947-2014

Speakers and representatives of the Organization of the Islamic Cooperation (OIC) Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) called for combating takfiri mentality and respecting the values and equality of the peoples and making collective decisions based on constructive dialogue.

In the final statement of  9th meeting of the Organization of the Islamic Cooperation (OIC) Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) which concluded activities in the Iranian capital city of Tehran, 20140219-234707_h529121they hailed the steadfastness of the Syrian and Lebanese citizens and their commitment to their territories and identity and resistance against the Zionist entity, strongly condemning the Israeli decisions concerning administration of the occupied Syrian Golan and the Israeli non-abidance by the international resolutions, particularly the UN Security Council resolution No 497 for 1981 and stressed that that Israeli decisions in this regard are null and void.

They also called for non-interference in the affairs of countries, particularly the military intervention.

The statement stressed that the Palestinian Cause will remain the core of conflict in the Middle East and the member states should take a united Islamic stance on this issue at the international gatherings until the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people are realized.

The statement asserted that al-Quds city is part and parcel of the occupied Palestinian territories pursuant to UN Security Council resolutions 242 for the year 1967 and 338 for the year 1973 and that the fourth Geneva agreement for the year 1949 is applicable on it.



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