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Norway’s Intelligence Agency this Monday, 24 February 2014, said that it fears an increased “terrorist threat” to its country due to dozens of Norwegian nationals fighting in Syria beside international mercenary groups.

At least 40 or 50 people with links to Norway have fought, or are currently fighting, with terroristic gangs and run the risk of returning as seasoned radical fighters, the Norwegian Intelligence Service (NIS) wrote in its annual threat assessment report.

“We conclude that the threat has already increased and will continue to increase throughout 2014,” the head of NIS, General Kjell Grandhagen, said adding that these “jihadists” are often in the most radical Islamic groups such as the Islamic State of Iraq (ISIL), ISIS and Al-Nusra Front.

The NIS estimates that about 2,000 rebel fighters have travelled from Europe to fight the Syrian regime but did not reveal how the figure was calculated.

Norwegian daily Verdens Gang also reported today that about a dozen women have left Norway for Syria to join terrorist groups.

In late 2013 the fate of two teenage girls of Somali origin hit the headlines in Norway when they left to join a jihadi group in Syria and were located weeks later by their father who brought them home.

The Mullah Krekar’s file

Another Norway’s beloved terrorist head, the charismatic so called Mullah Krekar, after many years in Norway, in 2012 returned to Iraq, where he said he would have continued to pursue the task to which he has consecrated his life, the education and creation of cells of islamist fighters.


Mullah Krekar was in Norway from 1991 to 2012

Mullah Krekar (Najmuddin Faraj Ahmad, July 7-1956) first came to Norway in 1991 as an ‘asylum seeker‘ and for many years he brainwashed many Norwegian young people, taking advantage of his position of ‘Islamic religious authority’. He became as well a leader of ‘Ansar al-Islam’, an international jihadist terroristic organization. His previous name was Jund al-Islam. According to the Canadian Institute of Strategic Studies (CISS), Ansar al-Islam burned down girls’ schools, beaten and killed women for not wearing the burqa, took over villages in which they required, among other things, the obligatory closure of offices and businesses during prayer time and enforced attendance by workers and proprietors at the mosque during those times, the veiling of women by wearing the traditional ‘abaya, obligatory beards for men, segregation of the sexes, barring women from education and employment, the removal of any photographs of women on packaged goods, ,the confiscation of musical instruments and the banning of music both in public and private, the banning of satellite receivers and televisions…

Krekar was also the guest of the Norwegian Liberal Party’s youth organization…

Today, the Norwegian pupils of Mullah Krekar have grown up.

Already on Friday 7 of February the Norway Police charged a man with terror offences allegedly committed in Syria: the first such case in the Scandinavian country. The 22-year-old man was arrested on his return to Oslo from Syria. The suspect, who was not named, has been charged under laws forbidding Norwegian citizens from supporting or joining terror groups. Local media widely report he is being investigated in connection with terror groups linked to al-Qaeda.

The suspect’s lawyer, John Christian Elden, said that “…the charges relate to actions committed against Syrian government forces could not be considered terrorism from a Western country’s viewpoint…”...

Mr Elden said today the man is being treated in a hospital for gunshot wounds.

Syrian Arab Army is doing a great gift to the whole world and the end of all the idiot jihadists, that will come to Syria to commit crimes against the nation, the people and the army, will be two feet under ground.


A SyrianFreePress.net Network Investigation, 24/02/2014