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Zionist occupation forces on high alert after Hezbollah warning

The Israeli regime has put its troops on high alert after the Lebanese resistance movement Hezbollah said it would retaliate against an Israeli air raid on one of its bases.

The Israeli military put the forces in the north of Israel on high alert following a Wednesday statement by Hezbollah, which vowed to retaliate for the Israeli aggression.

There has been an increase in the number of military vehicles in the occupied Palestinian territories near the Lebanese border after the warning.

The resistance movement said it would “choose the appropriate time and place as well as appropriate means to respond.”

Israel’s airstrike hit a Hezbollah base on the Lebanon-Syria border near the village of Janta on Monday.

The resistance movement confirmed the attack earlier on Wednesday and denied reports suggesting the airstrike had hit a missile base. It also said the attack caused some material damage.

The Israeli regime launched a war of aggression on the Lebanese resistance movement Hezbollah in 2006. The conflict killed about 1,200 Lebanese people and 160 Israelis.


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