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~ Jamahiriya News ~ 28 February 2014 ~

The commander of the Libyan ‘Desert Legion’, Brigadier General Mansour Mozainy, has revealed that some Libyan mercenaries tried to send a shipment of mustard gas to their brothers, the Obama’s cannibals, in Syria via shipment, but he explain that these terrorists have been caught and the shipment was confiscated.

Brigadier Mozainy said to Libya international television channel that “Some Libyan terrorist groups tried to send a shipment of mustard gas to Syria, but some brigades of the Libyan army confiscated this shipment”.

He added that some Libyan officials, NATO loyalists, asked for the release of the shipment.

This shows how things are changing in Libya and that the Green Resistance, always more stronger in the south of Libya, can now count on the collaboration of some sectors in the army under the control of Tripoli and Benghazi, that do not agree to arm the terrorist groups.

Libya became, after NATO attacked Jamahiriya in 2011, according to dozens of news reports, an attraction center for fighters to be re-send to Syria after receiving the necessary training.

Several intelligence reports revealed the accession of a number of armed Libyans with armed groups in Syria under the name of “jihad”, where many of them were killed during the operation by the Syrian Arab Army against the terrorist groups.


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