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Damascus – SANA/Milhem/Zain/Allafi – 4/3/2014 – Presidential Political and Media Advisor Dr. Bouthaina Shaaban stressed that the Syrian government will not spare any means but to approach for halting the bloodshed in Syria, clarifying that the government has always been the first to accept the attendance of Geneva2 Conference in accordance with Geneva1 Communiqué whereas the other party was exercising the role of blocking the political process.

“Geneva Conference is not an end by itself but rather a method for realizing the objective represented through halting bloodshed and putting an end to the problem in Syria” the Syrian senior official said an interview with al-Mayadeen TV Monday.

Shaaban added that going to the third round of negotiations will be the decision of the Syrian government which seriously seeks a political solution despite all what is being promoted for.

“We expect that the report, to be submitted by the UN envoy to Syria Lakhdar Brahimi to the Security Council and the United Nations on negotiations, reflect the reality of what has actually taken place during them … we do not ask him but honestly to say what has really happened in Geneva and to name those who contributed to hindering the political process and slowing down talks” she clarified.

The Presidential Political and Media Advisor said the Syrian government advocates the content of the international resolution No. 2139 on delivering humanitarian aid to the needy people as it has been cooperative with all UN organisations, the Syrian Arab Red Crescent and the International Committee of Red Cross since the beginning of the crisis, and the government is exerting its efforts for delivering aid to any place it could reach, yet the terrorists prevent aid from reaching to the needy, as sides targeting Syria want to complicate the situation in the country.

She clarified that the top priority of the Syrian Arab Republic’s delegation is identical to the Syrian citizens’ priority, which is represented by security, stability, halting terrorism and then moving to discussing the broad-based government.

Shaaban stressed that the media fanfare on what is called “Damascus battle” is a main part the attempts of targeting Syria, particularly in light of the reconciliations taking place in several provinces and the change of the Syrian popular mood in terms of rejecting terrorism, weapons, sedition and bloodshed and the desire for healing what has happened with the aim of making life come to normal.

“Israel is the biggest beneficiary of all what is taking place in Syria, having announced time and again, that it has officers leading military operations in the country,” Shaaban said, clarifying that Israel is setting tens of scenarios for this alleged battle.

“The Syrian Arab Army is awake, taking heed of this fanfare, as it makes preparations against any possible scenario,” Presidential Political and Media Advisor highlighted.

On the continuation of the flow of terrorists into Syria across Jordan, Shaaban said that “We don’t contact with Jordan on the gunmen issue, but it is hard to believe that the Jordanian government has no information on the entrance of the gunmen across its territories into Syria.”

Responding on a question on Saudi role in the crisis in Syria, Shaaban said “We want a clear and frank stance by Saudi Arabia to stop financing and arming Saudi and foreign terrorists and not to facilitate their entrance into Syria.”

She added that stopping this “takfiri cancer” serves the interests of Saudi Arabia, Gulf countries and the whole region.

On mediations for the return of the relations with Turkey, Shaaban said “During the Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyib Erdogan visit to Tehran, we were informed that he wants to recede his stance on Syria.”

Shaaban asserted that Syria welcomes Erdogan’s move as Syria cares for stopping sending the gunmen and stopping the smuggling of the weapons shipments.

She added that we didn’t notice any change in the Turkish stance as Erdogan’s government played key role in the crisis in Syria.

On an Iranian mediation for reconciliation between Syria and Hamas, Shabban said “Our relations with Hamas were strong as a resistance movement despite the fact that we know about its relation with the Muslim Brotherhood.”

She went on saying Hamas has put the Muslim Brotherhood above the resistance and has abandoned the line of resistance which weakened the Palestinian cause, stressing “Our stance towards Muslim Brotherhood movement is well known since the 1980’s.”

Shaaban pointed out that what is happening in Ukraine unveils the reality of what is going on in the world as the west wants to restore its geopolitical hegemony and suppress the emergence of new pole led by Russia and China, through blatant interference to bring about unconstitutional and illegal change.

On holding presidential elections on schedule, the Presidential Political and Media Advisor said the presidential elections will be held on schedule, asserting that the door for nominations of the opposition is open according to the Constitution as Syria is a sovereign and independent country .

She stressed that there is no reason to accept an international supervision of the presidential elections as “we have credibility and we don’t accept any interference.”

She asserted that the current circumstances are very good and there is no need to delay the elections, unless something out of the will happened in the future.

She said that the Syrian Arab Army continues achieving victories and the situation is getting better and we are optimistic to reach Raqaa in two months.


SFP from SANA 4/3/2014