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Khazar John Kerry Visited the Members of the pro-Zionist Occupied Government in Kiev, Offering to this Lobby Billion Dollars from American taxpayers.

The USA President’s Secretary of State, John Kerry, was in Kiev yesterday. He donate a billion dollars, of US tax payer money, to the new Zionist puppet government.

This billion will be just the first step to the Ukrainian slavery to the IMF.

What is going on is that the new Kiev authorities are attracting oligarchs to the governance. Among one of the promises that Maidan officials have made is to fight with doubtful acquired capital.

Meanwhile, they have appointed billionaire Igor Kolomoisky as the head of Dnipropetrovsk. Igor Kolomoisky, 51, oligarch and Ukraine’s third richest person with an estimated fortune of $2.4 billion, arrived in Dnipropetrovsk to take charge as the regional governor of the nation’s second most populous oblast with 3.3 million people.

Igor Kolomoisky was previously charged for several criminal cases.

Kolomoisky warmly recalled the events of the EuroMaidan fake-Revolution:“I want to thank all the Maidan people for the sake of their European future”.

No Money No Power.

Prime Minister Yatsenuk understands that without money and power of these people it’s impossible to keep the power. In the conference hall in Kiev are represented all the head of the big Ukrainian companies, millionaires and billionaires.

Kolomoisky is, of course, an Israeli Jew, dual-citizen. In other words, a Zionist parasite.

Will be Ukraine the future paradise for the Euro Khazar Oligarchs, protected by USA backed armed gangs?