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Syria’s UN ambassador is now restricted to 25-mile radius around New York City, the State Department said Wednesday.

No explanation about this move against Bashar Jaafari has been given. The State Departments lying hypocrite mouthpiece, Jen Psaki, declared that “we have delivered a diplomatic note to the permanent representative of the Syrian mission to the United Nations in New York informing him that he is restricted to a 25-mile (40 kilometer) travel radius”. Most people call this “House Arrest” of a kind with a bit larger radius, but not much.

If you are not currently an ally doing as the United States Government tells you you have to, you get your hand tied. God forbid an honest man be able to travel in the country he is residing speaking with his fellow Syrians supporting Syria, not the US led foreign aggression.

The US needs to start spanking the asses of the liars they employ as oppose to the ones who refuse to kiss theirs!

By NevaehWest

SFP – 7 March 2014