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Syrian Arab Army Command: Success in al-Zara significant due to the town’s geographic position and its importance for terrorists

by H. Said – SANA


The General Command of the Army and the Armed Forces announced that units of the Syrian army seized Saturday morning full control over al-Zara town and its surrounding in the western countryside of Homs city after carrying out a special accurate operation in cooperation with the national defense forces and honorable residents.

The General Command stressed in a statement that large numbers of takfiri mercenary terrorists, who had used the area of al-Zareh as a springboard for their criminal operations against safe citizens, were killed.

“This success made by our armed forces is of significance due to the geographic position of al-Zara town as it overlooks the international highway linking the Central and Coastal regions and had been used as a main passage for the terrorist groups which would come from Lebanon and head to neighboring areas to carry out their criminal operations,” the statement said.

The General Command affirmed the Armed Forces’ determination and resolve to continue its national and constitutional missions of eradicating and uprooting terrorism wherever it is.

The Command concluded its statement by pledging to continue shielding the homeland’s unity and preserving its dignity until security and stability is restored to it.


New Map of Aleppo Offensive

by Ziad Fadel – Syrianperspective.com


The Syrian Arab Army has advanced to Haylaan and the western quarries outside of the Handaraat District and west of Sheikh Najjar (Industrial City). Keep an eye on the Aleppo Central Prison over the next few days, as the SAA has now cutoff all terrorist supply routes to the prison. In Hananu, the SAA liberated the imperative Jandoul Roundabout and the Youth Residences; this creates a series of dilemmas for the terrorists due to Hananu being their stronghold south of Anadan.

*Please note: The National Defense Force (NDF) is advancing at Sheikh Sa’eed, but it is not depicted on this map.


SFP – 9 March 2014

Maps by Sirianperspective