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Syrian Arab Army eliminates a big number of terrorists in Deir Ezzour province

Syrian Arab Army continues military operations in Homs countryside dismantling mines and explosives and destroying tunnels the terrorists were using for transferring weapons.

Kofi Annan: Qatar, Saudi and Turkey supplied Syrian opposition with money and arms

Baath Party regional secretary calls for alliance for countering_terrorism

Health Minister: New medicinal factories given license, local coverage up to 85%

Iraq: 200 Iraqis killed or injured in a suicide attack in al-Hila

Syrian Army eliminates an Amir and 72 fighters of al-Nusra.
Syrian Arab Army carried out a series of operations with the Air Forces against al-Nusra Front headquarters in the villages of northern countryside of Latakia.
The Army struck militants strongholds in al-Kabir town near the borders with Turkey, which resulted in destroying 3 cars and killing 73 of al-Nusra Front fighters and Ahrar al-Sham Movment, including Abu Qasim al-Benzarti, who is the Amir of Ahrar al-Sham in the region.
The operations have also caused the death of the leader of “ Soukor al-Ezz” militia, Abu Marwan al-Jazrawi. The military also carried out other operations in the village of Tal Teriah, which resulted in the killing of a number of militants, including the Lebanese Ahmed Qaison.

Aleppo to be under the control of Syrian Army soon
The Lebanese newspaper “al-Jumhoria” cited field sources as saying that “the situation of the armed militias in Aleppo city has become very critical, especially that the city will be under the full control of the Syrian government soon.
Where the sources said that the Army has left only 3 to 15 km to impose a cordon over the city.
The sources said that the fall of Aleppo would lead to the division of the north of Syria the thing that would preclude forming one area out of the Syrian government control.



L’#Armée Syrienne intercepte des terroristes qui tentaient d’agresser l’aéroport d’Abou Douhour dans la banlieue d’Idleb

Destruction des véhicules chargés d’armes et de munitions à #Alep

Rassemblements imposants à #Damas, à #Qurdahah, à #Banias et à #Homs en appui à l’armée syrienne

L’armée d’#occupation israélienne accède de force dans l’esplanade de la mosquée #al-Aqsa

#Irak: L’armée découvre le plus grand camp d’entrainement des terroristes de l’Etat islamique en Irak et au Levant

#Lavrov met en garde contre le danger des tentatives d’imposer des choix sur l’Ukraine

#Ukraine: Jeudi prochain, date du coup d’envoi des élections présidentielles anticipées



Ejercito Sirio impone el control sobre el poblado de Zara


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