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Syrian Arab Army’s counter-terrorism operations, more foreign mercenaries killed

Units of the armed forces carried out several special operations on Friday in which they ambushed terrorists, killed others, thwarted infiltration attempts and released kidnapped civilians.

Terrorists ambushed, infiltration attempt foiled in Homs

In Homs countryside, a military source told SANA reporter that an army unit thwarted an armed terrorist group’s infiltration attempt from al-Dar al-Kabira towards al-Dweir village in Homs countryside, leaving its members killed and injured.

Meanwhile, an army unit ambushed an armed terrorist group which attempted to escape from al-Hossn town to Khalid valley in Lebanon, killing all its members.

Terrorists’ den stormed, several arrested in Hama

The authorities, in cooperation with the locals, stormed a terrorists’ den in al-Qusor district in Hama and arrested all terrorists inside it.

Terrorists Mustafa Habra, Omar Ramadan al-Hussein, Adnan Qatrameez and Aslan Halabiyeh were among the terrorists who were arrested.

A number of machineguns with ammunition were seized as an explosive device at the entrance of the district was dismantled.

Non-Syrian terrorists killed in Lattakia countryside

A military source told SANA that the army units killed and injured scores of terrorists in the villages and towns of Salma, Dweiren, al-Dwra, al-Dweirkeh, al-Shaiseh and Ghmam in the northern countryside of Lattakia, destroying their weapons and ammunition.

Among the dead terrorists were Abu Saad from Kuwait, Amjad al-Khaznawi and Abu Omar al-Ghanidi from Saudi Arabia, Haitham al-Khlafi from Libya and Mansour al-Ghazawi from Tunisia, Mahmoud Madniyeh, Mo’aen Salwa, Mahran al-Abed and Mansour Hido.

The source added that the army units destroyed a warehouse full of rockets, mortars and a car equipped with 23 mm machine gun.

Army units release 3 abducted women in Lattakia 

In another context, SANA reporter said that an army unit, in cooperation with national defense forces, released 3 women from the villages of al-Hambushiyeh, Barouda and Ballouta in the northern countryside of Lattakia, who had been abducted by the armed terrorist groups.

Army units inflict heavy losses upon terrorists in Aleppo and its countryside

A military source told SANA that the army units killed scores of terrorists in the neighborhoods of Hanano, Bani Zaid, Bustan al-Qaseir, Karm Maiser and al-Rashiden, in addition to destroying their weapons and ammunition.

The source added that other army units killed and injured scores of terrorists in the villages and towns of al-Aweijeh, Handarat camp, al-Mislmiyeh, Bab al-Nairab, industrial city, Hailan, Kwaires, Rasm al-Aboud and the area surrounding the central prison. 


rats surrender: now they are ready for forced works and rebuild all they have destroyed

43 gunmen surrender in Homs

43 gunmen from the neighborhoods of the old city of Homs gave themselves up and handed over their weapons to authorities on Friday, according to a source in the province


SFP from SANA Military Reporters on 14 March 2014