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Syrian Arab Army advances 2 km in Yabroud and reaches its Roundabout

The army advanced to Yabroud Roundabout, 2 km deep, in Yabroud city and eliminated large numbers of terrorists on Saturday.

A military source said that the army units tightened control over the southern and eastern heights and St. Maroun mountain and the mounds surrounding Yabroud city in Damascus Countryside.

The source said that today’s new advances came after less than 24 hours of seizing control of the eastern entrance and the northern and eastern borders of the city, carried out in a series of successful special operations over the past days.

Early this month, the army took control of al-Sahl town to the north of Yabroud, the town and farms of Rima and the eastern hills overlooking Yabroud, including al-Aqabeh area and al-Qatri compound and hill.

With these advances, the army has almost encircled the city of Yabroud especially after many of the takfiri terrorist organizations’ dens and fortifications have collapsed in front of the army’s severe strikes.

Syrian Arab Army inflicts heavy losses upon terrorists in countrysides of Damascus, Idleb, Aleppo, Hasaka.

Army units on Saturday inflicted heavy losses upon terrorists in several areas, killing and injuring a number of them and destroying their weapons.

Army units eliminate scores of terrorists in Damascus countryside

Units of the army killed more than 10 terrorists from so-called “Islamic Front” in Adra al-Balad, including terrorists Omran al-Durra and Mohammad Hasabeh.

The army carried out another unit in Irbin and eliminated entire armed terrorist group.

In Jobar, an army unit destroyed a den with weapons and ammunition inside and killed a number of terrorists, including a Turkish terrorist.

Meanwhile, SANA reporter said a unit of the armed forces killed a number of terrorists at the eastern entrance of Yabroud city.

Mu’taz al-Rifaei, Ahmad Daher, Issam al-Nayef and Zakaraya Khudra were identified among the dead.

The Egyptian terrorist Abu Mohammed al-Masri, ISIL's emir of Manbej, Aleppo suburbs, eliminated by Syrian Arab Army, heroes and defenders of homeland

The Egyptian terrorist Abu Mohammed al-Masri, ISIL’s emir of Manbej, Aleppo suburbs, eliminated by Syrian Arab Army, heroes and defenders of homeland

Army kills and injures a number of terrorists in Aleppo

A military source told SANA that army units eliminated a number of terrorists in al-Marjeh and al-Ashrafiyeh neighborhoods in Aleppo city and destroyed their weapons and ammunition.

The source added that other army units destroyed armed terrorist groups’ hideouts in the villages of Hilan, Andan, Erbid, the free zone, Talet al-Madafeh, Rasem al-Abboud, al-Jadideh, al_mansourah, Kafer Hamra, al-Shurfeh al-safra, azan. Ebtin, Kwairis and surrounding Aleppo central prison, and destroyed their criminal tools.

2 girls injured in bomb explosion in Hasaka

Two girls were injured in the explosion of a bomb thrown by terrorist on a house at the Vanguards neighborhood in Hasaka city.

A source at the Police Command in the province told SANA that the terrorist attack took place last night, causing material damage to the place.


Army units eliminate terrorists in Idleb countryside

Units of the army eliminated scores of terrorists, including leaders of armed terrorist groups in Idleb countrysides.

A military source told SANA reporter that units of the army stormed terrorist gatherings in Taftanaz, Dama, Rweiha, Kafar Jalies, Binish, Bidama and Sarmin in Idleb countryside and destroyed the terrorists’ weapons and ammunition.

The source added that terrorist Hussein Mohammad Fadel and Hussein Meri leaders in so-called “Muhajeri Jabal al-Zawya battalion” and terrorist Ahmad al-Mshiil leader I so-called “SJabhat Thuwar Suria” were killed in Maaret al-Nouman countryside.

The army destroyed a terrorists’ hideout in the town of Ehsim and killed dozens of the terrorists who were hiding in it, among them was Hussein Mohammad Salhab.

The army also targeted terrorists’ den in Maarat Masareen, killing tens of terrorists and destroying four vehicles equipped with heavy machineguns.

Among the killed terrorists were Mahmoud Salam Aleek, Ahmad Yahya, Ammar Asfari, Hassan Ghazal, Ahmad Ammoura, Said al-Abd, Safwan Hayyan, Yaser Aoun and Said Talko.


SANA Military Reporters ~ Authors H.Said/M.Nassr

SFP on 15 March 2014