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Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Army and Armed Forces, Defense Minister Gen. Fahed Jassem al-Freij, accompanied by officers from the General Command, visited the city of Yabroud and inspected the army units there.

Gen. al-Freij was briefed by field commanders on the implementation of the military plan for pursuing fleeing terrorists which is being carried out by the armed forces, with the Minister lauding the high morale and spirits of the Armed Forces as they carry out their sacred duty of defending the homeland and its citizens, asserting that the Syrian Arab Army will continue working to restore security and stability to all areas.


Gen. al-Freij relayed the greetings of President Bashar al-Assad to the heroes of the Army and Armed Forces who restored security to Yabroud and his confidence in them.

He asserted that full victory is nearby, and that security and stability will be restored to all of Syria which will be cleansed of armed terrorist gangs, dedicating this major victory to President al-Assad and the Syrian people.

Gen. al-Freij addressed those who support the conspiracy against Syria, be they inside the country or aborad, saying that Syria will be victorious soon and all the hideouts of terrorists gangs will be destroyed, concluding by saying “no matter how great the resources of the conspirators, our determination and willpower are much greater, and we will achieve victory.”


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