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Full control regained over Ras al-Ein in Damascus Countryside

Units of the armed forces regained Wednesday full control over Ras Al-Ein town to the southwest of Yabroud city, Damascus countryside.

The source added that the army eliminated a number of terrorists and destroyed their tools in the town.

Army repel terrorists in several provinces

Army on Wednesday repelled armed terrorist groups in several areas, inflicting heavy losses upon them.

Army destroys 4 boats for terrorists in Homs countryside

Military source: the army units killed and injured a number of terrorists in an ambush to the west of al-Zarah village in al-Rastan area in Homs countryside.

The source added that the army units also destroyed 4 boats along with the weapons, killing all terrorists aboard.

Army thwarts terrorists’ infiltration attempt in Aleppo

A unit of the armed forces foiled an armed terrorist group’s attempt to infiltrate towards the Justice Palace in Aleppo, killing and injuring a number of its members.

Units of the armed forces targeted terrorists’ gatherings in Aleppo and in its countryside in al-Sakhour, al-Shaar, Hanano, Bustan al-Qaser, in the surrounding of the Central Prison, the Industrial City, Handarat camp, Sheikh Zayat, Fifan, Kishish , Andan, Bani Zaid, Khan al-Assal, Orum, Azzan, al-Mansourah, Kafr Hamra, Kafr Aleppo, Dahret Abded-Rabbeh, Khan Touman, Kwairis, al-Jadideh and Rasem al-Abboud.

The army killed a number of terrorists, injured others and destroyed their tools during the operation.


SyrianFreePress.net Network reported  from  Syrian Arab News Agency