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‘US thinks rules are for inferior nations, it’s in their DNA’ – ex Australian PM

Kosovo’s secession demonstrated that international law is only as applicable as the force used to back it.

But with Crimea now free on the wings of that precedent, the West cries foul.

Why does the Western world fail to recognize parallels between Kosovo and Crimea?

Is it a case of double standards or the result of decades of adversarial EU and NATO policies towards Russia?

Oksana is joined by former Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser to canvass these issues.


Celente: Sanctions against Russia over Crimea are toothless

More than two dozen Russian and Crimean officials have been sanctioned with travel bans and asset freezes in the US and Europe.

But, few seem to be happy with that.

Lawmakers in Washington say it’s not enough, while Russia’s furious at being handed any sanctions at all, given the overwhelming show of support in Crimea.

Gerald Celente, publisher of the Trends Journal says there was little choice in the restrictions placed on the officials.


Welcome Crimea!

The people of Crimea have retuned to Russia.

Their right of self-determination has been honored.

What’s next?

CrossTalking with Manuel Ochsenreiter, Marcus Papadopoulos and Mark Sleboda.


Galloway: West created Frankenstein monster in Ukraine

Ukraine’s Right Sector members stormed and torched government buildings – and attacked unarmed police squads.

They also consistently rejected the concessions offered by the Yanukovich administration, when it was trying in vain to calm the unrest.

And now, they have become arguably one of the most influential groups in Ukraine.

British MP George Galloway says the West needs to recognize the dangers it poses


SFP – 22/03/2014