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LATAKIA: The astounding firepower of the SAA ground forces took a massive toll on mostly Saudi and Chechen rodents in the triangle called Kassab-Khirbat Soolaan-Bayt Haleebiyya.

Desperate vermin were intercepted contacting their Turk MIT handlers in Urdu Camp demanding immediate help “or else”. 

The gambit only paid off in allowing 3 caravans of wounded rodents to escape into Turkey where they were greeted by angry mobs of Turkish citizens who would not let them into hospitals. 

As of this writing, the SAA has confirmed the deaths of 601 rats, almost all from foreign countries like the Monkey Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Never-Never Land of Chechnya.

SAA-20140326-ZIADYesterday, Syria lost another military hero, a giant among the embattled Christians, Colonel Samu`eel Ghannoom, who was killed when a Saudi-driven car-bomb laden with over 1,000 kilograms of TNT and C-4 rammed the Checkpoint 45 in a BMW and detonated it.  The Wahhabist Saudi rat, Fahd Al-Qaassem, was vaporized (May he Burn in Hell) but the explosion took the life of this Syrian hero.  The soldiers at the checkpoint were so enraged by the death of this popular officer that they went the extra mile and surrounded every Islamist terrorist skunk and killed them all to the tune of 71.

NATO’s Turkey providing air support for Al-Qaeda in northern SyriaA scene from the Checkpoint 45 at Kassab-Turkey

The number of wounded rodents is unknown, but, Wael says they have to be in the 1,500 plus range because field hospitals, clinics and medical centers in Apaydin, Iskenderun and Antioch are filled to the rafters.

Syrian Perspective has warned its readers about a concerted Western effort in the media to portray the terrorist attack from Turkey as something to do with “rebels”.  Yesterday, in a blatant example, the Fox News channel displayed a video of rodent Islamist filth dancing on the shores of what was purportedly the Syrian coast in the recently liberated town of Samraa.  But, Samraa is not on the coast. It’s in the mountains and the seashore in the video could have been Hawaii, for all we know.


In Antioch, thousands demonstrated against Erdoghan

Citizens in Liwa Iskendrun protest Erdogan support to terrorist aggression on Syrian people

Here is a scene from Antioch where demonstrators rail against Erdoghan’s aggression against neighboring Syria. He will see the results on Sunday.  Other riots took place in the Harbiyya Region where ambulances were not allowed to proceed.  In Antioch, thousands demonstrated against Erdoghan.

As of now, as I write to you, no progress can be recorded for the rodent invasion into Latakia Province. Not one single achievement as more and more reinforcements arrive from Homs and Tartous.

The Turkish invasion, yesterday, was followed by an equally swift withdrawal as SAA cannon fire rained down of Turkish tanks and half-track vehicles used to give cover to the fleeing vermin.  Russian ships which were approaching the scene of battle on the Syrian side began, according to Wael, to “play games with Turkish military communications”  and to observe the scene in order to document Turkey’s aggression for the U.N.S.C.

The Turk army fired numerous salvos at the SAA and NDF near Kassab yesterday in order to give cover to fleeing rats.  There can be no question, we are at war with Erdoghan.

Also, the SAA has booted out the last remaining rodent from the Eagle Mountains (Jabal Al-Nisr). It is totally under the control of the SAA and NDF.


Al-Jubba near Yabrood: 8 former rats converted to humanity by surrendering to the security services.

Jub’adeen:  29 rats surrendered to security with 8 of them being army deserters.  They have all asked for settlement of their statuses under the Amnesty Law.

Al-Mushrifa Northwest of Yabrood:  11 rats surrendered in what has become an epidemic of contrition.

Al-Sarkha southwest of Yabrood:  The SAA did not get offers of surrender from these who were killed on Monday night:

Yahyaa Barakaat

Hassaan Al-As’ad  (no relation to Colonel Peg Leg)

‘Aamer Al-Rifaa’iy

Madhaayaa:  4 rats killed here:

Suhayb Al-Mishtaawi

Raamez Al-Kurdi

Jalaal Qaadhoom

‘Abdul-Sattaar Al-Ma’aaz

Daarayyaa:  Skirmishing led to a stash of weapons appropriate for our NDF.  SAA seized lots of weapons and killed a few rats. No details.

Doumaa:  Another well-planned ambush netted 4 rats:

Mustafaa Hijaazi

The other 3 were not identified.

Jawbar to the East:  SAA killed this cockroach:

Shaadi Husrum (He was very sour on life)

SyrPer is delighted to report that in the following areas; Al-Subayna, Ma’loolaa, Yabrood, Jub’adeen and Al-Sarkha, over 500 rats have surrendered during the month of March. Not bad.


City: 65 rodents surrendered to security on Monday in the Old City.  25 more surrendered on Tuesday.

Al-Sa’an: 15 vermin killed while trying to set up a launcher to fire missiles at civilians.  No names.

Al-Wa’ar:  An attempted infiltration failed. No names.

Al-Ghaasibiyya:  An infiltration into Daar Al-Kabeera was foiled. 9 rodents killed. No names.

Ruhoom Village:  Fighting with no details.

Umm Sahreej:  A pickup with a 23mm cannon was destroyed and all 4 hyenas aboard killed.

‘Unq Al-Hawaa:  Another pickup with a Bandar cannon destroyed. No details.

Tal Kalakh:  4 roaches arrested in Jabal Ghalyoon where they took over a home and fortified it with weapons and Captagon.  They snuck in from the Lebanon over unused terrain but got so high on drugs they were kissing the NDF fighters.  They will all probably ask for Amnesty.

Al-Ghajar:  On Monday, 13 rats were either killed or wounded. I have no details.

Daar Al-Kabeera and Khaaldiyya Road:  5 rats killed in firefight with NDF. No names.


Khirbat Ghazaala:  An infiltration was foiled.  No details.

Zeebeen Road and Nasseeb Crossing at Jordanian border:  8 rats killed by SAA.

East Al-Ghaariyya:  A pickup with 23mm destroyed. No details.

Fighting reported in these areas:  Al-Hamza Mosque, Al-’Abbaas Mosque, Kataakeet Building, Post Office and Communications Center.

In more evidence that Saudi Arabians are unclean heretics, a sniper tried to kill a street sweeper who was merely brooming out some refuse when he was shot.  Luckily, he survived after being spirited to an hospital nearby.


Haddaadeen – Saqlaayaa:  An infiltration went awry when SAA surrounded the attackers and wipe them out:

Sayfullaah ‘Abdullah (SAUDI ARABIAN RAT EMBRYO)

‘Abdul-Kareem Buhla

Maalek Ahmad Hizaani

‘Azeeza Village:  North. An attempted infiltration resulted in a total loss in an ambush by NDF.  5 rats killed around the Shaykh Sa’eed Iron Plant Axis.

Fighting reported at all these locations:  Central Prison, Industrial Zone Northwest, Al-Muslimiyya, Handaraat, Kafrat Hamraa, Layramoon, Daarat ‘Izza, Hanaanu Residencies, Al-Haydariyya, Al-Saakhoor, Al-Mansoora, ‘Ibteen, Al-Wudhayhi, Bustaan Al-Qassr, Al-Burayj, Kafr Naahaa, Al-Mashhad, Al-Saalihiyya, ‘Azzaan (2 pickups destroyed), ‘Anadaan, Castillo, Al-Jandal Roundabout, Rasm Al-’Abbood, Kuwayris, Dayr Haafer, Al-Ataareb and Huraytaan.    


A Ziad fadel Report – 26/03/2014  –  at   http://www.syrianperspective.com/

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