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Antioch, (SANA) The people of Sweidiye and Harbiyat in the usurped Liwa Iskenderun area rallied to denounce Erdogan government’s practices against the Syrian people, reiterating support for Syria in its war on terrorism.

SANA’s correspondent in Antioch said that locals in Sweidiye area protested Erdogan’s hostile policy against Syria and support the Syrian people and leadership in their confrontation against terrorism backed by Turkey, the Arab Gulf and America.


The participants carried pictures of President Bashar al-Assad and banners saluting the Syrian leadership and affirming that the Turkish and Syrian people are brothers.

In Harbiyat area, locals staged a sit-in to support Syria and protest the aggressions waged upon it by Erdogan’s government, denouncing the training of terrorists by Turkish intelligence inside Turkey and allowing them to sneak into Syria.