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Ahrar al-Hijaz to the ruling Saudi family:

“We were obedient citizens, but it’s time for jihad”.


A group called by “the League of Ahrar al-Hejaz” warned the ruling family of Saudi Arabia in an audio statement from its continuous cooperation with the Zionist occupation entity.

The group rejected in its first statement any kind or any level of coordination with the Israeli entity, pointing out that any kind of such relations, whatever the causes and the justifications, serves the interests of the enemies.

The group said that its first statement is to advice Muslims adding that in case Al-Saud family continued its policy, the obedience duty should be legally fallen, as we should deter them from their transgression

The group explained through the statement, in case the ruling family of Saudi Arabia insisted on its ties with Israel, al-Hejaz land will turn to be the land of jihad.

The following is the text of the statement:

As the governors of the Muslims in the land of Hijaz are committed to the orders of Allah and the Sunnah of His Prophet by defending Islam and the rights of Muslims, we were the most citizens who obeyed them, in response to the orders of Allah and His Prophet, the necessity of obeying the rulers.

We had endured a lot of sinners and corrupters of the ruling family, who violated the rights and looted of the resources of Muslims, as we had endured the corruption in many aspects of the state.

But in light of turmoil that the Islamic nation witnesses at the present time , and after making sure of the alliance between the rulers of al-Hijaz land with the Zionist entity , and because there is no obedience to a creature in disobedience to the Creator , we declare, we the gang of Ahrar al-Hijaz, which was founded by the finest young Muslims who bought their religion by their Donia, we declare our rejection of any coordination or relationship of any type or level that link us with this usurper entity , and that any relationship of this kind for any reason or justification serves the interest of the God’s enemies, which is a clear negligence in the defense of Aqsa mosque, and we demand our governors to regret their mistakes and repent to God , and to cut off any relation with this infidel entity in order to preserve the unity of Muslims.

This is our first statement we have made, which is based on the priority of advising the Muslims. If they insisted on their transgression, we will stop our duty of their obedience, and they would remove their legitimacy of leading the Muslims and their stewardship of the holy places in the land of Hijaz, and our forensic duty will be to deter them from their transgression.


From Local Arab News Agencies