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Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said the scale of terrorism in Syria has taken a form that can no longer be covered by the Westerners as they have done before.

“Terrorists in Syria have started to take a form that no longer allows our Western partners to hide behind their claims that it is the regimes which cover the terrorists,” said Lavrov, addressing the journalists following a meeting of foreign ministers of the Commonwealth of Independent States.

“These excuses can’t be justified anymore,” he added in a press conference in Moscow on Friday.

Lavrov stressed that terrorism must be combated without any conditions, recalling what the leaders of G8 group countries said a year before on the Syrian government and the “opposition” having to unify their efforts to get Syria rid of terrorists.

He made it clear that the linking of holding Geneva 3 conference with the departure of President Bashar al-Assad from office is unacceptable.

West impedes Russian draft statement at UNSC to condemn Kassab terrorist attack

In a relevant context, Western countries at the UN Security Council did not allow Russia to secure a reaction that condemns the terrorist attack on Kassab in Lattakia’s northern countryside and shooting on the port of Lattakia by armed groups, the shooting that led to a suspension of the removal of chemical weapons from the country, Russia’s official delegation announced.

“The elements for the Press, suggested by Russia about the actions of the terrorist groups in Kassab and the shelling of Lattakia, did not find support with Western countries at the UN Security Council,” the Russian delegation told the Russian news agency Itar Tass on Thursday.

“This re-affirms the involvement of Western countries in supporting terrorism in Syria, ” the delegation added.

The Russian-prepared draft elements for the Press condemn “the latest attacks by the terrorist groups, among them those connected to al-Qaeda, on the city of Kassab.

The diplomat said : ” The Western members of the UN Security Council had blocked the adoption of a statement for the press which condemned the mortar shelling of the port of Lattakia .

“They (the West) have taken up an utterly unambiguous and common attitude on both humanitarian matters, political issues, and on chemical demilitarization. They seek to put an additional pressure on the government at every opportunity and take from under any pressure those who are fighting against it, even if those are extremist and terrorist groups,” the diplomat stated.