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Russia’s Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov, denounced western countries for their failure to condemn terrorism in Syria, the shelling of Lattakia to obstruct chemical weapons transports, and the ethnic cleansing of Armenian Syrians in the city of Kessab.  Lavrov stressed that linking a Geneva III Conference to demands that Assad must go is unacceptable.


(nsnbc) ~ Terrorism in Syria has taken a form that no longer allows our Western partners to hide behind their claims, that it is the Syrian regime which benefits from the terrorists, said Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov while addressing a meeting of CSTO foreign ministers in Moscow, on Thursday. At a press conference on Friday, Lavrov added, that “these excuses cannot be justified any longer”.

Reminding about statements of Western leaders at the G8 summit, one year ago, Lavrov stressed that the consensus, then, was that the Syrian government and the “opposition” would have to unify their efforts in ridding Syria of terrorists. Lavrov asserted, that linking the holding of a Geneva III conference with the departure of President Bashar al-Assad from office is unacceptable.

A spokesperson for Russia’s UN delegation informed the Russian news agency Itar-Tass, that western members of the UN Security Council barred the Security Council’s condemnation of the ongoing terrorist attacks on the city of Kessab in Syria’s Lattakia province and armed groups obstruction of the safe removal of chemical weapons from the country. The spokesperson stressed that the failure to condemn the atrocities re-affirms western countries’ involvement in and support of terrorism in Syria. The spokesperson said:

“The Western members of the UN Security Council have blocked the adoption of a statement in condemnation of the mortar shelling of the port of Lattakia. … They have taken up an utterly ambiguous and common attitude on both humanitarian matters, political issues, and on chemical disarmament. They are seeking to add additional pressure on the (Syrian) government at every opportunity and exempt from any pressure those, who are fighting against it, even the most extremist groups”.

At the meeting of the CSTO foreign ministers in Moscow on Thursday, the Russian Foreign Minister stressed that Russia had received information that suggests that terrorists aim at obstructing the removal of chemical weapons from the country. Lavrov’s statement substantiated previous reports, according to which Saudi Arabia provided high-level intelligence about chemical weapons transports to Jabhat al-Nusrah and Liwa-al-Islam. Chemical weapons are transported out of Syria via the port city of Lattakia, which is currently being shelled by Western, Turkish and Gulf-Arab backed al-Qaeda brigades.

It is noteworthy that the large-scale military attack that was launched against Syria in the country’s Lattakia province, and which resulted in the ethnic cleansing of the predominantly Christan, Armenian-Syrian population of the city of Kessab, was launched across the Turkish – Syrian border, and that NATO member Turkey both facilitated thousands of fighters crossing of the border, and provided cover for the mercenaries with artillery, tank and missile fire against Syrian army positions.


Source: Ch/L – NSNBC 

SFP – 7/4/2014