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~#~ Obama’s cannibals cowards are exterminated by SAA, but unleashed against the defenseless population. ~#~ Foreign backed mercenary terrorists have killed 41 Syrian citizens and injured dozens, with car bombs, mortar shells, and directly firing into the crowd, in countrysides of Homs, Damascus, Aleppo. ~#~  Citizens killed and injured with car bombs, mortar shells, and directly firing into the crowd, in countrysides of Homs.  ~#~  Mortar shell fired on Municipal Palace in Aleppo. ~#~ Radicalized terrorist groups continue targeting the safe areas in Damascus and its countryside with mortar shells. ~#~ About 20 mortar shells have been fired by mercenary terrorists, the Obama’s protected and armed cannibals, on several areas in Jaramana in Damascus countryside and al-Dwela and al-Qasaa areas in Damascus city. Several mortar shells have landed around al-Saleeb church and the French hospital in al-Qasaa. ~#~ Furthermore 10 mortar shells have been fired on Jaramana targeting al-Bayader, Daf al-Sakher and al-Naseem neighborhoods inaddition to a school. ~#~



Damascus, Homs, Aleppo – 10/04/2014 – Two citizens were killed and 11 others were injured by terrorist mortar attacks in al-Qassaa, Dweila and Tabbaleh, Kashkoul and and Mazzeh 86 neighborhoods in Damascus.

A source at the police command told SANA reporter that three mortar shells fired by terrorists hit the residential buildings surrounding the French Hospital killing one citizen and three others got injured, in addition to material damage to the houses and cars nearby.

The source added that a mortar shell fell in al-Tabbaleh neighborhood causing the injury of three citizens and material damage, while four other mortar shells caused material damage to a number of schools in al-Dweila, killing a child and injuring 3 others.

A mortar shell fell in Kashkoul neighborhood and caused the injury of 2 citizens and material damage.

Three mortar shells hit Mazzeh 86 area, the first one struck into a café near al-Fath Mosque, wounding four workers and causing material damage to the café and a neighboring shop.

The other two shells hit two buildings in Mazzeh Madraseh and Khazzan areas, causing material damage but no casualties.

Terrorists have been showing Damascus neighborhoods with mortars latterly in a spate of repeated attacks against residential areas, killing and wounding scores of citizens, among them women and children.

22 citizens injured by terrorists’ shells in Jaramana, Damascus countryside

22 civilians got injured when terrorists fired mortar shells on several neighborhoods, in addition to material damage to a school in Jaramana city in Damascus Countryside.

A source at the Police Command in the Province said that ten shells fired by terrorists landed on the neighborhoods of al-Baidar, Daf al-Sakher neighborhoods , al-Nasim street and Rabih Daowd School, causing the injury of 22 civilians, in addition to material damage to a school and a number of houses and cars.

Last Tuesday, one civilian was killed and several others, some of them are children, were injured when terrorists fired nine mortar shells on the neighborhoods of al-Baladiya, al-Khodr, Daf al-Sakhr, al-Nasim and al-Homsi in the town of Jaramana in Damascus countryside.

The attack claimed the life of one woman and injured 18 people, 9 of them children, and caused material damage to houses.

9 citizens injured in a terrorist mortar attack in Homs

9 citizens were injured in a terrorist mortar attack in al-Hamra neighborhood in Homs city.

A source I the province told SANA reporter that a mortar shell, fired by terrorists, hit al-Nikdali building near the bakery in the neighborhood causing the injury of 9 citizens and material damage.

On Wednesday, 25 citizens, including women and children, were killed and more than 107 others were wounded by twin terrorist explosions of two car bomb in al-Khudre street of Karm al-Louz in Homs.

A source in Homs city told SANA that terrorists blew up a booby-trapped car they have parked near al-Badr Sweets in al-Khudre street which witnesses crowded traffic movement by citizens, adding that after half an hour, the terrorists exploded another car in the same neighborhood to claim lives of more citizens.

The armed terrorist groups also committed a massacre in Karm al-Zaytoun neighborhood in Homs city killing 14 citizens, including women and children.

Mercenary killers opened fire on the crowd, killing 14 civilians, including women and children.

After the twin terrorist car bomb in Homs, which resulted in 25 deaths and more than 100 injured, an armed group of criminals murderers commits a massacre at the expense of the residents of the neighborhood of Karm Al-Zaytoon, opening fire on the crowd, killing 14 people, including women and children.

The purpose of terrorist groups (after failing miserably to undermine national unity) is to target efforts for national reconciliation.