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An 11th hour conspiracy to stage chemical weapon attacks inside Syria-Lebanon-Israel, “false flag” events to be blamed on the Assad government and, eventually, Iran, is in motion.


Syria: Sarin false flag plans revealed

Confirmed reports from Tbilisi, site of “peek-a-boo” chemical weapon stockpiles used in earlier operations in Syria, show aircraft “load outs” for forward deployment to Turkey, sites known to be staging areas for US/EU backed Al Qaeda operating against Syria.

Combined operational support from recently deployed special operations teams in the Eastern Ukraine working with groups in Turkey are slated to receive Sarin shipments on Tuesday, April 8, 2014.


Last month, Anonymous Ukraine hacked email traffic between Lt. Col. Jason Gresh of the US Embassy in Kiev and his Ukrainian counterpart, Col. Igor Protsyk. Plans were revealed of a scheduled false flag terror attack on Ukrainian Air Force facilities at Melitopol.

Text outlined a combined operation of US and Ukrainian personnel dressed in Russian uniforms and included a map of the facilities to be attacked.

This attack, intended to push Russia into a wider war, was thwarted but the terror cells involved, spread throughout the region, continue to operate.


In this new plan, a multinational operational group under operational control by former Bush administration officials and backed by a banking group out of Denver, Colorado representing a faction in the AIPAC (America Israeli Public Affairs Committee), has planned a series of Sarin attacks.

A critical aspect of the current plan is not only the attempt to blame the Assad government but to provide manufactured evidence of Iranian involvement as well.Sources with access to US intelligence surveillance logs on the group’s activities indicate that decoded transmissions tell of Israeli plans to use a newly developed fission weapon on Iran as part of the planned retaliation against the yet to occur false flag Sarin attack.

Other “back-chatter” in related intercepted communications tells of a “feeling of panic.” With the impending defeat of Al Qaeda led jihadist forces in Syria and the growing new perception of Iran as a “moderate and progressive state,” the ability to “sell” the idea of Iran as a nuclear threat has become nearly impossible.

Only “smoking gun” evidence of Iran and Syria using chemical weapons, evidence intended to not only justify an Israeli attack but also discredit Obama/Kerry peace initiatives as well, could end the current process of “delegitimization” plaguing Israel.


Global security analyst F. William Engdahl became suspicious in late March 2014 when a very unusual article by Ambrose Evans-Pritchard appeared in the UK Telegraph.  Engdahl found the article startling in that it seemed to have no other purpose than to attempt to raise the threat level throughout the region through the calculated use of deception and outright falsehoods.

Author F. William Engdahl cites a coalition of wealthy American individuals along with corporations clearly identified as within the “military industrial complex” as key to the plot.

“Something horrible for the world and for peace is unfolding. It is very hidden, a de facto war between USA and Russia and China too. It does not come from Russians or from Chinese but from USA circles. It is not being directed by the neo-cons or the military industry per se. It is the military industrial complex in combination with a group of extremely rich US citizens. This group wants to desperately hold on to the old world as they had it during the Cold War, a world where “We the US are Good; Russians are Bad.” It in reality is really stupid and even boring.“

Engdahl’s warning deeply coincides with other developments as we will see.

Soon thereafter, former US President George W. Bush, who has spent the last 6 years in protective seclusion made a similarly alarming announcement that he has reason to believe that the US has reason to fear an attack from Russia.


The psychological operational aspect of the conspiracy includes a “softening up” campaign designed to deflect blame if the “false flag” gas attack is debunked as the previous ones were.

Two news articles, bizarre mixtures of truth, half-truth, wild conjecture and carefully seeded disinformation are a part of this effort.

The first was published by the UK Telegraph on March 26, 2014. The article by Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, long reputed by many to be an MI 6 press asset, outlines a dangerous rift between Russia and China over Crimea.

Pritchard’s story is compelling. It is also utterly false.

This is the article that alerted Engdahl.

The purpose of this article is clear. It is based on a set of psychological profiles of world leaders, Putin, Obama, Cameron and others.  Putin is to become suspicious, feel isolated and become angered. Others are to be pushed to reckless overconfidence.

Confirming our worst fears, a new and much more frightening article came out of London, the publishing source quite obscure but the author; Seymour Hersh is anything but “obscure.”


On April 6, 2014, the London Review of Books published a 6000 word essay by Pulitzer Prize winning author Seymour Hersh titled The Red Line and the Rat Line.

Citing multiple high level sources in US and British intelligence agencies, Hersh places blame on the earlier false flag attacks inside Syria on a plot between Turkey’s Erdogan and Saudi Arabia.

More important than whom Hersh blames is who he not only never blames but never mentions at all, “players” with vital interests in staging the false flag terrorism he notes.

Hersh dredges up an old and totally unsupported story of how “homemade” Sarin gas was produced in Turkey and used inside Syria making use of launching devices built from plumbing supplies. Hersh bases his conjecture on a news report of arrests made inside Turkey for possession of precursors that could have been used to manufacture Sarin.  There were no prosecutions and the origins of the story are highly suspect.

Hersh’s story ignores reports suspiciously confined to the Russian and Iranian media that traced the origin of the Sarin gas used in Syria to the Republic of Georgia, reports including those who witnessed the production and delivery of the gas.

In a series of articles by former US Army chemical weapons expert Jeffrey Silverman, now an investigative reporter working in Tbilisi, every aspect of Georgia’s role in partnership with the US in the production of Sarin was outlined including the subsequent cover up and dismantling of the WMD labs.

Colonel James Hanke US Army Special Forces (ret), former Attaché to Israel, reviewed the Hersh article and found his description of events “uncompelling.”

“Not only are Hersh’s descriptions of how Sarin was deployed inside Syria fanciful, much of his other material, including his reference to Obama’s plan to use B 52’s to ‘carpet bomb’ Syria was equally imaginative.”

Hersh tells of a dramatic scenario where kindly and responsible scientists at notorious Porton Down, the British Ministry of Defense chemical warfare facility, avert a world war.

According to Hersh, the British “MOD” accepts samples of Sarin gas supplied to them by a Russian source.  Their testing proves that this Sarin gas is not from Syrian stockpiles and, subsequently, the British inform their American allies and war is averted.

Compelling and dramatic as Hersh’s narrative may seem, a story lacking the key components Engdahl brings to the table, a story lacking an Israeli role, a story lacking the hard evidence of where not only the Sarin gas but the advanced delivery systems as well were fabricated, is just that, a story.

What has us looking now is how this story and other stories combined with human and signals intelligence has provided us with a story that is less fun to read but endlessly easier to believe.


Source: PRESS TV

Nevaehwest reported and reloaded for SyrianFreePress.NET Network – 10/4/2014