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Sweida, (SANA)- In support to the Army and Armed Forces and in commemoration of the 67th anniversary of founding al-Baath Arab Socialist Party, residents of Arman town in Sweida organized a solidarity stand Thursday.

Masses of youths in the town gathered to express support to the Syrian Arab Army in its struggle in countering terrorism with the participation of popular, religious and official bodies.

The participants raised the national flags and chanted slogans that expressed national belonging and faithfulness to the blood of the martyrs, voicing pride in the achievements of al-Baath Arab Socialist Party and support to the Syrian Arab Army in face of the war launched on Syria.

They affirmed readiness to exert all they have to deter terrorism and achieve victory over the enemies of the homeland, highlighting rejection of foreign intervention in Syria’s domestic affairs and commitment to the independence of the Syrian national decision.


Pro-Assad Rally in Sweida October 2011

Sweida Syria 2010



SFP from SANA – Posted by Nevaehwest 11/04/2014