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RAT Abu Abdullah al-Shari-ERASED


The so called “Al-Fajer Islamic movement”, a bunch of ignorant mercenary apes, announced the death of the boss of the group, Abu Abdullah al-Shari, due to a raid carried out by the eagles of the Syrian Air Forces.

The Lebanese newspaper Al-Akhbar said that Abu Abdullah was killed by a raid targeting his house in Daret Ezza, in Aleppo western countryside, while he was holding a meeting of terrorists members of the same gang.

The local Lebanese newspaper, quoting a jihadist member closed to the “Al-Fajer Islamic” terrorist group, stated that the raid also killed one of the brothers of the mercenary boss.

Abu Abdulla is one of the founders of al-Fajer, a terroristic branch operating in Syria, and is considered as the Legitimate boss of this movement of criminal killers.

The Syrian Army Military Intelligence is on the footsteps of other terrorist leaders and their gregarious, and soon, thanks to the advanced logistics technology in their possession, they will identify and capture them, dead or alive.

These terrorist gangs, supported by the United States, by the NATO countries, and by the perverse dictators of the Gulf and Ottomans, are a danger not only for the Syrian people, but for the whole world.

If others do not, we do, and we thank the SAA for this valuable humanitarian work they are doing for the benefit of us all…


SFP – 11/4/2014