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Competent authorities managed to free the Austrian national Anton Sandrer from armed groups who kidnapped and held him captive in one of their dens in al-Waar neighborhood in Homs city.


Sandrer, an Austrian lawyer who arrived in Homs city on August 24, told SANA that life in al-Waar neighborhood was normal when he first arrived there. “After terrorists stormed the neighborhood, life soon became a living hell.”

“I was continually harassed and pursued in what was like house arrest, until they kidnapped me in November last year,” he said.


“I was soundly beaten by the kidnappers who blindfolded me, tied me up in chains and took away the money I had. They gave me such a hard time…Afterwards; they asked for ransom …I felt they wanted to kill me. I was horror-struck.”

“I was always hearing people crying in pain as they were tortured. It was horrible,’ he recalls.

After he managed to run away, he says, he couldn’t leave the neighborhood until the competent authorities and Austrian embassy in Damascus helped him, which requested that the Syrian state help for his release.

The freed lawyer said the Syrian army has treated him with respect and offered him a safe haven.

“When I was freed, I was over the moon with joy…like I was born anew,” he added.


He described terrorists as thugs, thieves and mercenaries with no reform demands whatsoever. “They are a bunch of thugs and thieves who are after robbing people and blackmailing them for ransom.”

Sandrer described the state of chaos, destruction and horror in al-Waar neighborhood due to the acts of terrorists.

He bemoaned life in Syria before terrorism rocked the country. “I visited Syria several times before…It was a real paradise,” saying he came to Syria via legal crossings from Lebanon to visit friends in Homs city.

Sandrer appealed to the countries backing terrorists in Syria to stop their arms supplies and funds to terrorists, thanking the Syrian government for rescuing him.

He hoped that the Syrian army will soon eliminate terrorists and restore security and stability to Syria.



Video News from #National_Syrian_Television – 11/04/2014

Recorded by Syrian Press

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