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The Evangelical Church in the Shubra area in Cairo, Egypt, held prayers for peace in Syria on Friday, with the participation of representative of Egyptian churches along with Muslim religious figures and political, jurist and civil society figures.

The participants prayed to God to preserve Syria and protect its people, and for peace to prevail in it and for it to emerge triumphant over its enemies and terrorism.

They stressed the need to stand alongside Syria and confront the takfiri terrorist mentality threatening the unity of its people and society.


Pastor of the Evangelical Church relayed SANA’s correspondent in Cairo his hope that Syria will once again know stability and security after the years of terrorists running amok in it, calling on Syrians to stand together and confront those who have ill intents for their country.

In turn, Abram Luis, founder of the “Popular Diplomacy for Egyptian-Syrian Relations” initiative, said that the initiative invited all churches in Egypt to participate in this event to send a message of love, peace and solidarity to Syrians.

Luis said that 24 churches in Arab and foreign countries were contacted and they agreed to join in prayers on Friday for the sake of Syria, including churches in Jordan, Palestine, Abu Dhabi, Canada and the United States, with this taking place alongside the activities organized by the Syrian Multimedia Youth team, a Syrian volunteer team.


SFP from SANA – 12/4/2014