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Washington, (SANA) Western diplomatic sources revealed US President Barack Obama’s Administration has urged Israel to attack the Syrian Army to prevent it from advancing into positions of armed terrorist groups trained by Washington in Jordan which reached the occupied Syrian Golan last month.

“The US wants Israel to stop the advance of the Syrian Army towards areas where gunmen are controlling in Golan, particularly the Jihadists who were trained at the hands of CIA trainers,” American World Tribune newspaper quoted a source as telling Middle East News line.

The sources added this is the first time “a request by US for an Israeli intervention in Syria” is revealed, saying “Israel until now has rejected to respond to the US request because the Israeli army and intelligence have no desire to carry on military confrontation with the Syrian Army.”

The newspaper affirmed that the US trains more than one thousand terrorists in the framework of a program run by Washington in Jordan and financed by Al Saud regime.

European and US security officials have lately uncovered the US Congress secretly approved a bill to fund weapon shipments to the armed terrorist groups in Syria.


Israeli tank

A truck carries an Israeli Merkava tank to the Israeli-Syrian border at the Golan Heights. /EPA

WorldTribune.com Reports

LONDON — The United States is pressuring Israel to attack the Syrian military in the Golan Heights.

Western diplomatic sources said the administration of President Barack Obama has urged Israel to stop a Syrian Army advance toward U.S.-trained rebels in the Golan Heights.

The sources said the rebels, trained and sent from Jordan, reached the divided Heights last month.

“The Americans want Israel to stop a Syrian column from reaching rebel-held areas of the Golan, particularly where the Jordanian-based jihadists are located,” a source told Middle East Newsline.

The sources said this marked the first U.S. request for Israel’s military to intervene in Syria. They said Obama and his aides had repeatedly warned Israel to refrain from striking Syria, which transferred long-range rockets and air defense systems to Hizbullah in neighboring Lebanon.

The CIA has been training more than 1,000 rebels in Jordan in a program financed by Saudi Arabia. The rebels, blocked by Islamist militias in southern Syria, failed in two operations to establish strongholds in Syria.

The U.S.-trained rebels were said to have captured a Syrian Army outpost
at Tel Al Ahrar in the Golan Heights. The sources said the outpost contained
250 Jordanian-based fighters, with another 250 Islamist militia members in
the rest of the Golan Heights. With the exception of Quneitra, the rebels
were said to control most of the Syrian portion of the heights. which
amounts to 600 square kilometers.

At this point, Israel has not responded to the U.S. request. The sources
said Israel’s military and intelligence community did not want a
confrontation with the regime of President Bashar Assad as it eliminated
rebel strongholds throughout central and western Syria.

“An [Israeli] attack could lead to a regional war, just the kind that
Iran and Hizbullah might like right now,” another source said.