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Israeli sources affirmed that two injured terrorists fighting in Syria were admitted to an Israeli hospital in Tiberias to receive treatment.

The Israeli website Walla said the first injured is 22 years old, who sustained shrapnel injures in the back and head, while the other is 39 years old who had a broken hand and injury in the head.

These information affirm that events taking place in Syria, particularly in Hawran, are run by Israeli-US orders to increase pressure on Syrian Arab Army which represents a major threat to Israel.

Israeli sources affirmed that more than 700 members of the armed terrorist groups in Syria had received treatment in Israel.

The Israeli website Walla quoted a high ranking officer as saying that 1,600 “Syrian injured” were treated by Israel so far.

Netanyahu visits in Israeli hospitals terrorists injured in Syria-2



Nevaehwest from SANA – 13/4/2014