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Obama’s double standards: YES to the ‘pacific’ killing and violence from the NATO-nazis in Kiev, NO to the legitimate demand for independence from Kiev’s criminals by most of the population of east-Ukraine.

Mc Cain & Kerry asking for more weapons to the Euro-NATO-puppets supporters, while Right Sector’s gangsters join to the Kiev’s ‘fake-loyalists’ army to attack the dissident population.

The ‘Nobel Peace Prize’ (…) Obama is playing with fire, NATO violates Montreux Convention, Russian fighter jet repeatedly flew over US destroyer in Black Sea


Ukrainian armoured personnel

Kiev launches military operation in eastern Ukraine, while are already reported some deaths and injuries at the hands of the ‘Nazis democratic allies’ of Obama, Cameron, Kerry, Holland, Merkel, Renzi…

Ukraine’s coup-appointed acting President Aleksandr Turchinov has announced a crackdown on anti-government protesters in the north of the Donetsk Region, eastern Ukraine.

“The anti-terrorist operation started overnight Monday,” said Turchinov. “The aim of these actions is to protect the citizens of Ukraine.”

According to Turchinov, this ‘anti-terrorist operation’ also aims to prevent “attempts to break Ukraine apart.”

The anti-government protesters in south-eastern Ukraine have recently been protesting against coup-appointed Kiev authorities. They demand constitutional reform that would take into consideration the interests of all Ukrainian regions. They also propose the federalization of the country and to make Russian the second official language in the regions.

Earlier, a clip posted to YouTube showed local people in the town of Rodinskoye, Donetsk Region, who stopped a tank allegedly on its way from Kiev to take part in the crackdown against south-eastern Ukrainian cities.

Anti-government armed men stand guard as pro-Russian supporters gather outside office in Slavians

Andrey Parubiy, head of Ukraine’s National Security and Defense Council, announced the first battalion of a National Guard “comprised of volunteers from Maidan self-defense troops”, has left Kiev for the south-east.

According to Parubiy, the “battalion is comprised of volunteers from the Maidan self-defense troops”.

On Monday, Turchinov signed a decree to officially begin a “special anti-terrorist operation” in the east of the country.




He ordered “that the National Security and Defense Council’s decision of April 13, 2014, ‘On urgent measures to overcome the territorial threat and to preserve the territorial integrity of Ukraine’ be put into effect.”

Russia has warned that if Kiev uses force against anti-Maidan protests in eastern Ukraine, this would undermine the effort to convene a four-party conference on resolving the crisis in the country, which would include the US, the EU, Russia and Ukraine.

Supporters of a referendum on transforming Ukraine into a federation at the entrance to the building of the Slavyansk

Turchinov also proposed conducting a joint operation with UN peacekeeping forces, a decision that was strongly condemned by Russian FM Sergey Lavrov at a Beijing press conference on Tuesday as “totally unacceptable.”

The Kiev authorities have already tried to launch a so-called “anti-terrorist operation” in the eastern city of Slavyansk, Donetsk Region, after anti-government protesters seized several buildings in the city.

Gunfire broke out on Sunday, after troops in black uniforms supported by armored vehicles and several helicopters approached the roadblock set up by the locals. One person was killed and two others injured during the crackdown.

There were rumors that among the troops were the members of the radical ultranationalist Right Sector movement, who were mobilized to take decisive steps to “defend Ukraine’s sovereignty.”


Russian fighter jet repeatedly flew over US destroyer in Black Sea

The Pentagon said a Russian fighter jet made multiple close-range passes near an American navy destroyer. The warship was deployed in the Black Sea as Russian military suspects NATO’s systematic build-up of naval forces in the region.

“This provocative and unprofessional Russian action is inconsistent with their national protocols and previous agreements on the professional interaction between our militaries,” said Colonel Steve Warren, a Pentagon spokesman.

“I have difficulty believing that two Russian pilots on their own would choose to take such an action.”

Pentagon defined the jet as a Russian Su-24 aircraft, or Fencer, which made 12 passes at low altitude near the USS Donald Cook that, at the time, was conducting a patrol in international waters in the western Black Sea, Reuters reported.

Earlier, a military official told AP that on April, 12, a Russian aircraft flew repeatedly within 1,000 yards of the USS Donald Cook at about 500 feet above sea level for over 90 minutes.

According to the official, the destroyer’s crew made several attempts to radio the Russian warplane requesting the reason for the manoeuvre. They then reportedly issued warnings to remain at a safe distance, however, there was no response from the Russian pilot.

destroyer USS Donald Cook arrived at the Black Sea port of Constanta

Pentagon confirmed the fighter jet was not armed with any aerial bombs.

A second jet was observed was observed slightly further from the ship.

“The Donald Cook is more than capable of defending herself against two Su-24s,” said Warren.

USS Donald Cook, a destroyer equipped with the powerful Aegis missile defense system, entered Black Sea on April, 10.

The US Defense Department claimed the ship’s mission was “to reassure NATO allies and Black Sea partners” following the events in Ukraine.

On Monday, the USS Donald Cook entered waters of Romania.

‘NATO violates Montreux Convention’

Last week the Russian military considered the USS Donald Cook manoeuvre part of a systematic build-up of naval forces.

“What we are seeing is that for the first time since 2008, NATO is creating a naval battle group outside Russian borders,” a Russian military source told Interfax news agency.

On April, 3, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov accused NATO of violating the Montreux Convention, which regulates the number ships that can enter the Black Sea, saying that “US warships have extended their deployment beyond the set terms a couple of times lately.”

According to the treaty, warships from non-Black Sea states can only stay in the basin for up to 21 days consecutively. USS Taylor spent 11 more than that in the region in February and March.

Russia’s Foreign Ministry expressed “bemusement” over the move.

“Turkey [which administers the treaty] did not inform us about the overstay. We have expressed our concern to the Turkish and US side in a verbal note,” said a statement on the ministry website.








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