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We receive this beautiful letter from our friend Leila, which with honor we publish


Happy Independence Day, my beloved Syria!

Still, we fight to maintain our freedom.

New lies and the truth behind the lies.

By Leila, Leilapiazzadotcom – 17/4/2014

April 17, 1946, Syria declared Itself free of the French Occupation. Today is Independence Day in Syria. May She ever be free! Thank God for the Syrian Arab Army, President Bashar Al Assad and patriotic Syrians all over the world, who have worked tirelessly to fight the violent overthrow of our country!

As many of you know, the Syrian Army has made great strides in ridding the country of the radical, jihadist terrorists that have poured across the Turkish, Lebanese and Jordanian borders. For three years, we have been fighting the enemy within; the Muslim Brotherhood, and the enemies outside of Syria: Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey and most unfortunately, the U.S. government.

I say the U.S. government, rather that the U.S.A., because the majority of citizens here in the U.S. have seen this war for exactly what it is; another attempt at regime change in a foreign country, based on our desire to secure an oil pipeline.

Meanwhile, President Barack Obama met recently with the King of Saudi Arabia. abdullah-and-obama-500x376

Apparently, he promised to supply the “rebels” with more lethal weaponry.

From Reuters, Friday, March 28, 2014 – “The leaders had a full discussion about Syria… Overwhelmingly Sunni Muslim Saudi Arabia is backing the insurgents in their battle to oust Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, who is supported by Riyadh’s rival, Shi’ite power Iran…Riyadh has long differed from Washington about Obama’s reluctance to supply rebels with surface-to-air missiles, sometimes known as MANPADS.

The Washington Post reported on Friday that the United States was ready to increase covert aid to Syrian rebels under a new plan that included training efforts by the CIA, and was considering supplying MANPADS.”

In current news, from the Washington Post,  Tuesday, April 15th, 2014 – “Syria’s opposition fighters have been supplied with U.S.-made antitank missiles, the first time a major American weapons system has appeared in rebel hands. It is unclear how the rebels obtained the wire-guided missiles, which are capable of penetrating heavy armor and fortifications and are standard in the U.S. military arsenal.

The United States has sold them in the past to Turkey, among other countries, and the Pentagon approved the sale of 15,000 of the weapons to Saudi Arabia in December. Both countries aid Syrian opposition groups.”

homs-long-flag-on-wallAnd so, the Syrian people continue to fight – not really against each other, although there is a small number of Islamists in Syria fighting against the Syrian government and people. No, we continue to fight Saudi Arabia, who would like to build a pipeline across Syria, and control the country with Its own radical, Wahabi version of Islam. We fight against Turkey, our once close ally, and their Muslim Brotherhood Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan,  who would like the Saudi pipeline to continue through Syria into Turkey. We fight against Qatar, a country with new pretensions of grandeur and a strong Muslim Brotherhood, seeking to unite the whole world into one country – a nation of Islam.

The people of Syria struggle valiantly to remain united by our sense of nationalism and plurality, our belief that people of many cultures and religions can live in peace and harmony side by side, as we have for decades. Sunnis, Shiites, Alawites, Druze, Christians, Armenians, Palestinians, Kurds and more have carved out a society supporting religious rights and the rights of women in a largely repressive, Islamic region. And we fight against the lies and distortions perpetrated by the US government and Its allies, repeated endlessly by Western media organizations.

Today’s egregious example is brought to you by one of the biggest liars I’ve ever heard quoted on this subject, U.N. Ambassador, Samantha Powers.

From FoxNews, April, 17, 2014 – “Speaking at a U.N. Security Council briefing on genocide, U.S. Ambassador Samantha Power on Wednesday compared the fighting in Syria to the genocide in Rwanda 20 years ago. She described the photos of Syrian prisoners as showing “systematic, industrial-style slaughter and forced starvation killings” – photos which, she noted, were from just three of the 50 Syrian-run detention centers.

“And to that we can add the Syrian victims of chemical weapons attacks, the children felled by barrel bombs and those being starved to death in besieged towns and villages, or those executed by terrorist groups,” said Power, who has written extensively on genocide. “Twenty years from now, how will we reflect on this Council’s failure to help those people? How will we explain Council disunity on Syria twenty years after Rwanda?”

Please remember:

1. The photos she’s talking about were supposedly smuggled out of Syria by a defecting Syrian government soldier. They were thoroughly discredited almost immediately, when it was shown that the law firm publishing them was hired by Qatar to air the photos prior to the Geneva II peace talks.

2. Add to that the victims of the chemical weapons attacks? The ones that the UN confirmed were carried out by the “rebels?” Or the attack last August in Ghouta, which the U.S. insisted was carried out by the regime, based on it’s own independent evidence? The same evidence that was examined by Theodor Postol, a weapons expert at MIT (that’s right, Massachusetts Institute of Technology), who concluded that the rockets, “could not possibly have been fired at East Ghouta from the ‘heart’, or from the Eastern edge, of the Syrian government controlled area shown in the intelligence map published by the White House on August 30, 2013.”

3. The barrel bombs are used in areas where rebels have seized control of towns and villages. The Syrian government does everything it can to warn civilians of offensives before they happen. This is first hand knowledge folks. I’ve seen the announcements on Syrian State TV myself, and when the army came to clear our village and surrounding area of terrorists, my family confirmed that the people had time to clear the area before the army began active combat. In fact, my family did flee the fighting, only to return triumphant, and greatly relieved, after the Syrian Army’s unqualified victory!

4. Likewise, the Syrian Army is conducting sieges of areas held by opposition fighters. They surround an area under “rebel” control, and restrict the flow of food into the area. They are literally trying to starve them out.  However, what the Western media won’t tell you is that the Syrian Army allows ANYONE to leave an area under siege. If you are a man of fighting age, you are detained until it is determined that you are not fighting against the government. This is generally done in a matter of days (I’ve seen the interviews). Everyone else, women and children and the elderly, are released immediately and given food, medicine and anything else they need. The civilians starving in those sieges? Human shields trapped by the opposition fighters, forced to stay and starve to present the world with another “atrocity” purportedly committed by the Syrian government.

To answer your questions, Ms. Powers: Twenty years from now, the world is going to look back in disgust at the way you and other U.S. officials blatantly lied to the citizens of the world, claiming a desire to help the very people you are destroying with the U.S. foreign policy of regime change for the control of natural resources. They will see clearly your attempt to overthrow a sovereign, secular government protecting ALL Syrians by arming a group of mostly foreign, radical Islamists and calling it a “popular uprising” and a “civil war.” In fact, we don’t even need to wait twenty years. We already see this for what it is.

You see, all the lies fall apart under scrutiny and the application of fact.


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“Over the past few days, I have talked to shopkeepers, students, soldiers, doctors, a dentist, MPs and government ministers (including the minister for tourism, who must have the most thankless job in the world). On the basis of these conversations, I would judge not just that support for the regime is holding up, but that President Assad could very well win a popular election, even if carried out on a free and fair basis.”

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Also, please read about well respected investigative journalist, Seymour Hersh, and his inability to get his groundbreaking articles about Syria published. This link also provides a video of his interview with Amy Goodman on Democracy Now.

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We will keep fighting. We will never surrender. Syrian Independence was hard won in 1946, and now, in 2014, we are fighting for our country’s continued sovereignty. May God grant us our victory!


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Foreign and Expatriates Minister Faissal Mikdad

Mikdad: “France could not forget it was humiliated by the Syrians 68 years ago”

Deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister Faissal Mikdad said France’s flagrant involvement in the war on Syria is ongoing and it is so because France could not put behind that it was humiliated and its reputation was tarnished by Syrians when they kicked the French colonialists out of their land on April 17, 1946 to mark Independence Day, known also as Evacuation Day.

In an article published Saturday by the Lebanese al-Binaa newspaper, Mikdad slammed the unprecedented scale of intervention and involvement practiced by Paris against Damascus overstepping all bounds in openly providing support and arms to the terrorist groups fighting in Syria.

He cited some of countless examples by which France posted itself almost on top of all other conspirators letting no act of targeting against Syria slipping through its hands.

France, Mikdad highlighted, has been the forerunner of almost all international draft resolutions, meetings, conferences and other efforts to run the war against Syria.

Paris spared nothing of logistic, media, political and military support as it provided all of that to the terrorist groups, trying its best to help through these terrorist tools usurp the Syrian resources and back means to take over parts of the Syrian land.

Mikdad concluded by saying that in the same way the last French soldier was evacuated from Syria 68 years ago, the second “Evacuation” is getting close, stressing that the battle of independence is one and the same now as it was in 1946.