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The United Arab Emirates (UAE) says that 12 new cases of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus (MERS-CoV) infections have been found in the Persian Gulf country.

The Emirati Health Ministry said in a statement on Sunday that the cases were found during “routine checks” on people who had contact with infected people.

The statement also said that the infected individuals were hospitalized and insisted that they would be “cured without a treatment within 10 to 14 days.”

Earlier in April, six Filipino paramedics died from the virus in the UAE’s eastern city of Al-Ain.

On April 17, the World Health Organization said that it had been informed of 243 laboratory-confirmed cases of infection across the world, including 93 deaths.

In Saudi Arabia, the virus has infected 231 people, of whom 76 have died.

MERS is a cousin of SARS. The MERS virus first emerged in the Middle East, and was discovered in September 2012 in a Qatari man who had traveled to Saudi Arabia.


The virus, which causes coughing, fever and pneumonia, does not appear to be as contagious as SARS, which killed some 800 people in a 2003 epidemic.

In addition to Saudi Arabia, MERS has been reported in some other Persian Gulf countries as well as France, Germany, Italy, Tunisia and Britain.



Text News by PressTV

Photo-composition by HolyLandFree.org

SFP published 21/4/2014