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Aleppo Castle

A source near the Islamic front, the largest armed terrorist gang closed to Aleppo, said that the Turkish intelligence at the orders of Recep Tayyip Erdogan sets its goal on taking control over Aleppo Castle by its takfirist mercenaries.

Al-Watan newspaper, reported that the goal of this operation is to rise the morals of the armed terrorist gangs who have suffered severe losses due to the professionalism and patriotism of the Syrian Arab Army and failed to take control over the western neighborhoods of Aleppo, to cut off that area out of the presidential elections.

It is clear that Erdogan and his regime are now desperate, as well as the Islamist armed gangs of mercenary, till now protected and supported by Turkey.

Suicide is the only alternative for them to a secure prosecution for war crimes, crimes against humanity and complicity with the international terrorism.

The Castle of Aleppo can so become their imminent future grave.