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In appreciation for the sanctity of their sacrifices, President Bashar al-Assad and Mrs. Asma al-Assad received Tuesday parents of the only-son martyrs who passed away while defending Homeland although they are pardoned from carrying out any military duty according to Syrian laws.


During the meeting, President al-Assad affirmed what the Syrian people have been subjected to during this war showed states of patriotism at the Syrian citizen which is impossible to be seen in any other place.


The President added the families who encouraged their only-son to join the armed forces to defend Syria’s history and future, though they are acquainted with the possibility of losing him, embodies the most superior state of patriotism.


“The citizens’ willingness to offer the most precious issue they own to defend Syria and not allowing to sabotage it was one of the most important reasons behind steadfastness of the country in the face of most powerful powers which utilized, during this war, the dirtiest tools, starting from money to reach to terrorism in order to achieve their targets in Syria,” President al-Assad said.

The President added that the continuation of this method (Citizens’ giving) would guarantee for the Syrian people not only steadfastness, but also it guarantees victory.


President al-Assad affirmed that the martyrs and families’ sacrifices are an object of appreciation by the whole Syrian people, adding “unless these sacrifices, Syria wouldn’t remain.”

For her part, Mrs. Asma al-Assad said the giving of the martyr’s family is not less than the sacrifice of the martyr who passed away while the family remains to live the loss of their sons, adding the minimum thing that we should do is to support these families by all possible means.


Families of the martyrs underlined that Homeland is the basis and who has no home, has no dignity or values, so their sons volunteered in the Army to help defend their land and protect it from aggressors.



Damascus, by SANA/Mazen Eyon ~ SFP reloaded  29/4/2014