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Support to terrorist groups has triggered spike in attacks against civilians.

Syrian Foreign and Expatriates ministry affirmed that the financial, military and logistical support to armed groups in Syria has exasperated attacks against innocent civilians.

“The methodical policy of terrorists groups in Syria in targeting civilians wouldn’t have been exacerbated had it not been for immense financial, military, logistical and political support from regional and international countries,’’ the Foreign and Expatriates ministry said in two identical letters it addressed to the UN Secretary-General and Head of the UN Security Council.

The support has enticed the terrorist groups to flout moral restrictions and laws, and consolidated their conviction that they will escape accountability amid double standards that some countries apply in handling their counterterrorism commitments, added the ministry.

“Terrorism which targets Syria, as people and State, is escalating as it has lately reached unlimited extents in a deliberate target against populated neighborhoods, schools, hospitals, infrastructure, Islamic and Christian worship places with random mortars, bomb cars and explosives, claiming the lives of hundreds of civilians, most of them children and women aiming at intimidating the Syrian people in a bid, by to followers of Wahabism and Takfiri mentality and their supporters of regional and other countries to return the Syrian society back to dark and pre-Islam eras.” the Foreign Ministry said.

It added in the framework of this systemized criminality, the armed terrorist groups have perpetrated heinous massacres targeting schools in Damascus with mortar shells, claiming the lives and wounding scores of innocent students.

“The armed terrorist groups launched mortars on Badr Eddin al-Hasani Institute for Religious Sciences on Tuesday 29th of April, claiming the lives of 14 students and injuring 86 others… they also launched a number of mortar shells on a temporary shelter center in a school in Adra al-Balad, killing 3 children, one citizen and wounding 19 others,” the Foreign Ministry said.

It added the armed terrorist groups have perpetrated another massacre when they targeted al-Manar School with mortars, claiming the lives of two children and wounding 60 others.

“It was noticed recently there is a systemized method which targets hospitals and schools in a clear synchronization to force medical staff to evacuate the targeted hospitals and affect the medical cadres’ capabilities in offering emergency services to the injured citizens,” the latter said.

It added the armed groups also targeted al-Abassiyeen and al-Zablatani areas on April 29th with 9 mortar shells, injuring 8 citizens, they also targeted Jaramana city with a number of mortars, killing 6 citizens among them 3 children and a woman.

The Foreign Ministry affirmed that while a UN delegation was in Aleppo on a visit, the terrorist groups targeted several neighborhoods with mortars, rocket shells and snipers, claiming the lives of scores of safe citizens who were lining up in a queue to have bread from one of the bakeries there.

“It is disgusting those armed groups didn’t stop at targeting Aleppo through using fatal weapons supplied by countries like Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, France and the US, but they deliberately use locally-made rockets to cause most possible sabotage and victims,” the letter added. 

The ministry added that the terrorist groups attacked Homs city with mortar rounds and they committed a horrific massacre yesterday April 29th, 2014 as they detonated two car bombs in a residential neighborhood causing the martyrdom of 40 citizens, most of them are children and women, and injuring 116 others in a way identical to that orchestrated by al-Qaeda.

The ministry pointed out that this systematic policy of the armed terrorist groups in attacking the civilians would not have been escalated had there been no financial, military, logistical and political support these groups are receiving from regional countries and others.

The ministry called on the UN Secretary-General and the UN Security Council to condemn these criminal acts, stressing that the continuation of some courtiers in the region and outside the region to offer direct and declared support to terrorism in Syria through providing money, weapons, training and shelter for the armed terrorist groups is the cause of shedding the blood of the innocent Syrians and this is a stark violation of the UN Security Council resolutions on countering terrorism.

The Foreign and Expatriates Ministry called on the Security Council to take immediate and suitable measures against the countries which are sponsoring the armed terrorist groups in Syria in implementation of its resolutions related to countering terrorism.



SFP from SANA/Allafi/Mazen  – 30/04/2014