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Terrorists fired Thursday a mortar shell which hit the roof of al-Sa’ada private school in al-Qanawat street in Damascus, causing the injury of two teachers.

A source at Damascus Police Command told SANA that a mortar shell fell over the roof of al-Sa’ada private school, causing the injury of two teachers and material damage to the school.

Armed terrorist groups fired 4 terrorist mortar shells on al-Shagour neighborhood in Damascus two days ago. Two of the mortar shells fell on Bader Eddin al-Hassni Institute for religious science, killing 14 students and injuring 86 others.

A citizen killed of terrorist mortar shell in Damascus

One citizen was killed of mortar shells launched by terrorists on al-Tijara and al-Abassiyeen areas in Damascus.

A police source told SANA a mortar shell fell on al-Tijara Corniche, killing one citizen and causing material damages to the properties.

The source added 3 more mortars fell on the Abassiyeen square and the Mall, causing fire and material damages in the place.     

Terrorist attacks in Jaramana kill one child, wound 22 others

Meanwhile, A child was killed and 22 others wounded of terrorist mortars on Jaramana in Damascus countryside.

A police Command source told SANA that 13 mortar shells launched by terrorists fell on the neighborhoods of al-Rawda, Qraiyat and other areas, claiming the life of one child and wounding 22 others in addition to huge material damages to the properties.  

Terrorists assassinate veterinarian, kill son and injure wife in Sweida

In another context, an armed terrorist group assassinated veterinarian Nawras Salman al-Jba’ei and killed his 1-year-old son, while injuring his wife in Sweida on Wednesday evening.

A Police Command source told SANA reporter that a group of armed terrorists intercepted the veterinarian’s car as he was driving along with his son and wife between the villages of Rami and al-Shreihi in the eastern countryside of the province.

The terrorists forced the family members to get off and opened fire on them, killing the father and his son and seriously injuring the mother, who was taken to a hospital in Sala village, the source added.

Head of the Veterinarians Syndicate in Sweida Wael Bakri said al-Jba’ei was working at a Guidance Unit in al-Mashnef town and his assassination is an attempt to intimidate the veterinarians out of carrying out their national duties.

Terrorist attack injures citizen in Damascus

A source at the Police Command told SANA that a mortar shell fired by terrorists fell on a house the area surrounding al-Abbassein Stadium, causing the injury of its owner and material damage to the house.

The source added that another shell  landed in a house near al-Huda Mosque in al-Dweil’a neighborhood, causing material damage to it with no human casualties.


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