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What the human rights organisations and media networks are ignoring: the cut off water to 3 million people in Aleppo due to a terroristic sabotage.

Terrorist mercenaries of the so called “opposition” (officially supported and armed by USA regime and Western NATO puppets) have cut off the water supply to Aleppo, Syria’s largest city, now for the tenth day , people are drinking from dirty inner city streams with makeshift water pumps.

Abu Ayman an Emir of Jabhat AL Nusra AKA AlQaeda working with the “Islamic Front” formerly the FSA, switched off main pumps at Slieman Halabi station.

Cutting off the water from western aleppo which is under the Syrian Army’s control”, apparently accidently have cut off the water to their own areas too.

The human rights organisations are ignoring this terrorist act, and the media networks are ignoring or lying about it.

cut off water to 3 million people in Aleppo-5

Insurgents cut off water supply in Syria's Aleppo

cut off water to 3 million people in Aleppo-1




SFP  – 14/05/2014

Video  by  SyrianGirlPartisan