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ISIL terrorists threaten escaped terrorists

from old Homs city.

prelude to a Takfirist suicide?

The Takfirist terrorists of the so called ‘ISIL’ gang are threatening the Takfirist competitors of the mercenary militias escaped from the Old city of Homs (a mixture of al-Nusra Front terrorists and foreign mercenaries, including several Westerners, with American and French military officers)

The cockroaches members of the terroristic gang of mercenaries who call themselves  “Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant” (cover agents for wahhabi Gulf’s apes ),  has issued a statement, in which they gives 72 hours to evacuate the villages of Talbisah, al-Rastan, al-Ghanto and al-Za’afaran, who have been occupied by foreign mercenaries fleeing from Homs.

These cities are considered, by these criminal gangs, legitimate targets for terroristic acts and bombing, not just each others, but also against the local population.

The Syrian national armed forces are however advancing in that direction and soon there will be no another place for these criminals mercenaries that two feet under ground.

They do not know it yet, but they are all walking corpses. The U.S. will have their second Vietnam, while Saudi Arabia and the Gulf monarchies will return to the stone age, from which they come, dates and camel urine will return to being their usual meals, appropriate to their pour brains of apes.




SyrianFreePress.net Patriotic Network – Agencies – 17/05/2014

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