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‘USA Today’ newspaper: “U.S. send missiles to the Syrian terrorists for a pilot program”.

The U.S.A. are a criminal terroristic regime and a danger for the entire world.

It is officially confirmed, the terrorist mercenaries in Syria have received U.S. anti-tank missiles as part of a pilot scheme to fight Syrians and the Syrian Arab Army.

This TOW model guided missiles can penetrate any tank armor, fortifications and bunkers, even some four miles away, said the newspaper ‘USA Today’.

This new “pilot project” is intended to help the mercenaries fighting against the Syrian National Forces and the Damascus government of Bashar al Assad.

“We at the same time are ensuring that these heavy weapons do not fall into the hands of radical-jihadists”, said an exalted official of the Obama regime who spoke to ‘USA Today’ newspaper on condition of anonymity.

The U.S. regime propaganda said this arsenal should be used by the “moderate” terrorist groups in some strategic cities, such as Aleppo: “We’re going to try it first and see how it goes” he said. Translated it mean: “We’ll use it and we’ll see how many Syrian people we can kill in one shot: more people our jihadist puppets will be able to kill, more TOW we will hand them over”.

The Obama administration in words say that these missiles will reach the moderate groups: the problem is that, first, there are not “moderate” terrorist groups, and second, in fact they do not care of it, because their only military target is to create devastation in the country, kill more people as they can, to facilitate caos and the fall of the Damascus government.

Some international analysts say that the powerful technology is already, from months, in the hands of different terrorist groups.

For now, the SAA is burying mercenary terrorists by the hundreds, and the dead will not be able to use any TOW guided missiles, except to their own hell.



SyrianFreePress.net Patriotic Network – Agencies – 17/05/2014

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