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Faisal Mikdad

Deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister Faisal Mikdad affirmed saturday stances of the US and its allies in France and other European countries against the presidential elections and the package of reforms adopted by the Syrian government to enhance democracy, human rights, the rule of law and freedom in Syria, proves hypocrisy, misleading and selectivity of some western countries in dealing with the democratic concepts.

In an article published on Lebanese al-Binaa news paper, Mikdad said “Those who conspire against the presidential elections in Syria are conspiring against democracy, political pluralism and the freedom of expression in Syria.”

He added those who seek to create a political vacuum in the country are working for demolishing and partitioning Syria and handing it over to the terrorists.

Deputy Foreign Minister slammed at the western governments’ double standard policy as they serve the interests of Israel at the expense of the global values which the European culture had spread.

He also criticized the French government’s farce decision to prevent Syrians living in France from exercising their right to vote in the upcoming presidential elections.  

Mikdad asserted that Geneva pretext is dropped as Geneva communiqué didn’t touch upon the issue of the presidential elections but it encouraged maintaining the work of the institutions of the Syrian state.

Mikdad reiterated that French officials and others in any country who stand against democracy, mainly elections, assert their support to terrorists and killers who shed the Syrian blood, backed by the Sheikhs of Muslim brotherhood, on top of them Turkish Premier and his intelligence apparatus and the Saudis.

He hailed the Syrian government’s steadfastness in countering terrorism and defending Syria’s sovereignty, independence and freedom.