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CAVEAT:  Obama Administration Cannot Take Criticism Of Any Kind; Critics Will Not Be Tolerated[1]

The following screenshot from The Huffington Post[2] captures what may very well be the cause of the unexpected dismissal of Jill Abramson, the Executive Editor of the New York Times since 2011.

NYT Editor Fired Because Criticized Obama

While we are no friend of “The Gray Lady”, also known as the New York Times, that one of her own would lash out at President Obama, personally, was quite courageous. We knew at the time that there would be consequences … severe consequences for the ‘transgression’ of speaking the unvarnished truth. Speaking truth to power in this manner almost always produces harsh reactions, often when you least expect them.

For such a slip of the tongue to come from the NYT was certainly a breath of fresh air. It came as perhaps a sign that even the great bastions of the liberal media were getting fed up with this Administration’s incessant prevarications and media intimidation. Obama himself now wears the moniker of the most pathological prevaricator in US Presidential history, bar none. He has, in fact, proven himself to be such a serial equivocator that many throughout the US electorate are now demanding his immediate impeachment.

Many within the American truth movement are going one step further (actually many miles further) by showing up in Washington, DC this coming Friday, May 16th, to demand President Obama’s removal from office. Known as Operation American Spring, this unprecedented event has been triggered, first and foremost, by the unlawful actions and inaction of Barack Obama. Truly, this coming weekend promises to be the beginning of grassroots protests by citizens who will no longer tolerate so much governmental deception, felonious conduct and treasonous behavior on the part of those who occupy the highest elective offices in the land.

Operation American Spring to hit D.C. to oust Obama, Biden, Boehner, Holder

Simply put, We the People have had enough. The US Federal Government has tried the patience of the American people to the absolute breaking point. Many now strongly feel that: “Enough is enough!”  Each of the leaders who have been targeted for removal from office have violated their sworn oaths to the US citizenry. They have shamelessly lied, mislead and deceived the people of this once great Republic with grave consequences. Now, it is time for them to suffer the consequences for their ongoing legislative disasters, unconscionable enrichment at the expense of the taxpayers, and numerous unlawful governmental acts.


There comes a time in the life span of every nation when the role of government needs to be seriously re-evaluated.  In light of the many scandals and crises which have transpired during the Obama Administration, after already experiencing eight calamitous years under George W. Bush, this reformation cannot happen soon enough.  Because of the extreme and increasing number of transgressions committed by President Obama and many throughout his Administration, We the People have been forced to act with firm resolution and all deliberate speed.

Washington, DC, here we come.  And we’re not coming to take a tour of the Lincoln Memorial or Washington Monument!  Hopefully the New York Times will be out in force covering this great moment in American history when the people took back their power from those who woefully abused it.

“By all means necessary!”


Michael Thomas
May 14, 2014

End notes:

[1] NY Times’ Jill Abramson: ‘This Is The Most Secretive White House…I Have Ever Dealt With’


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