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The campaign for Dr Bashar al-Assad has started in Syria under the title Sawa “Together.”

Together, Syrians, and many volunteers from around the world who may travel to Syria to help rebuild this country whom we all know has been destroyed by Western powers who wish to to implant #USHegemony (United States Hegemony) in the region. Although these western powers, along with their gulf financiers who would rather sell their soul to the devil (and many have), then have anything but a corrupt Extremist ideology of fake Sunnis run Syria, the Syrian people will prevail.

Thank you Saudi, Qatar, Turkey and the west for showing the world your true colors and what lengths you will go through to destroy a peace loving country who didnt have problems with you before. You have shown us your utter hypocrisy, your blatant disregard for human suffering and life. You have shown us you really dont care about the deaths of civilians, or the destruction so long as your puppet powers are in place. You have brought out the facts of Saudis lack of Human Rights in the world, Qatars need to finance US led operations against humanity, Turkeys need to follow Israel while making themselves look as the fools they are, and the wests complete disgrace to the world.

You have opened the worlds eyes to see the plight of Syrians through your proxy war waged on it by supporting the very same fighters who have killed and maimed many of your own US soldiers. Did those soldiers die in vain? Yes, and you might as well be spitting on their grave right now.

“THE WORLD IS WATCHING” as you always say. Youre damn right! The world is watching your attempts to destroy Syria. However, you underestimated the “WILL OF THE SYRIAN PEOPLE” and their steadfast commitment to Syria. Gone are your days of disinformation. Your lying media numbers are dropping like flies. Your government is viewed by Americans as well as people around the world as a war mongering bunch of buffoons. Your the clowns on the worlds stage, and the world is bored with your tactics.

“YOU HAVE LOST YOUR LEGITIMACY TO GOVERN!” Obama as well as US leaders must stand behind bullet proof glass to speak to large crowds. Angela Merkel (who, if she had any brains left would quit trying to follow the US and worry about her country on her own), is booed by her own people. Blair, Cameron? Who even listens to them either. When John Kerry or John McCain speak, check out the comments under their ads or videos also. No one swallows your outright lies any longer. Look at the main stream media drop like a rock to the bottomless pit where you all reside. Save your comments because no one is listening except your own cronies.

Syrians will rise and have risen to the occasion. Their resilience is unmatched. In a country of 20 plus million, you will NOT have your way. You have destroyed many of the countries places of worship, historical monuments, hospitals, schools, homes, and you have stolen many factories and businesses from the people, as well as their personal belongings and historical artifacts belonging to Syria, but you will NEVER, and can NEVER steal the Syrian spirit. You CANNOT have the part of Syrians that make them Syrians no matter how hard you try.

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Together, Syrians will rebuild Syria…


Syria – Assad’s 1st Sawa Campaign Ad:

”Together Stronger’‘ | Krak des Chevaliers, Homs

The official election Campaign of Dr. Bashar al-Assad has been launched under the title Sawa “Together”.


Syria – Assad’s 2nd Sawa Campaign Ad:

”Together, we will build it” | Baba Amro, Homs


Syria – Assad’s 3rd Sawa Campaign Ad:

”Together, it returns more beautiful”


Syria – Assad’s 4rd Sawa Campaign Ad:

”Together against Terrorism”