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After the Russian-Chinese agreements, a punctual terrorist attack hits China, in the popular Market Mayhem, in Urumgi, Xinjiang province, killing 31 civilians and injuring many others.

The ink of the signatures of agreements and contracts between China and Russia is not yet dried, that has arrived the promptly response of the extremists jihadists’, the usual Obama’s cannibals

Because this is the only answer to the progress of the peoples by those who finance and arm the mercenaries Wahhabi terrorists, this is their signature.

This is an act of war, but also a big mistake, that the masterminds and the perpetrators will pay dearly.



Syrian Foreign and Expatriates Ministry strongly condemned Thursday the terrorist attack which hit Urumgi, the capital of Xinjiang province in the friendly country of China, which claimed the lives of scores of citizens and wounded many others.

“The repeated terrorist attacks which hit China are new evidence on targeting this great country which is distinguished by its civilized diversity and achievements… this newly act affirms correctness of Syria stance that terrorists and terrorism are enemies of the humanity and nations as well as it affirms that Syria, which is carrying on a fierce war on terrorism , deserves an international support,” the Ministry said in a statement.

It added the Foreign Ministry, while expresses deep concern over the spread of beyond-borders terrorism, calls on the international community to seriously move against it and prosecute the countries which back it.

The Ministry underlined its deep solidarity with China, as people and government, offering condolences to the families of victims and hoping quick recovery for the wounded.


SFP – 22/5/2014