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nato pigs

The United States and the EU has had its greedy hands in the crisis in Ukraine straight up to their elbows for years. This is not a crisis that just started months ago.

Here is how the United States State Department explains it:

Sanctions: How did We Get Here?

Uploaded by the State Department

Why did it start?

Because the majority of the people voted for Viktor Yanukovych, instead of the US wish Yulia Tymonshenko in the presidential elections in 2010. He had been voted in by the majority in 2004, but the US wasnt going to have that.

US & EU Sanctions: How did We Really Get Here?

A bit of history

Viktor Yushchenko, and his co partner in crime Yulia Tymonshenko led the “Orange Revolution against the vote. The US and EU (under the Secretary of State Colin Powell), deemed the 2004 elections (where Yanukovych won), “fraudulent” as the “exit polls” the US and EU conducted (and paid for), showed the Bush administrations pick pro-NATO Viktor Yushchenko to be the winner. In a second vote, the US choice won. Yulia Tymonshenko became his Prime Minister PM.

After the Yushchenko government served its 6 year term, corruption and theft of Ukraine surfaced. Yulia Tymonshenko was arrested and convicted of various crimes. She is also suspect in hiring hit men to kill MP Yevhen Scherban. He was a leading competitor  in a gas company Yulia owned called UESU (United Energy Systems of Ukraine). He was gunned down along with his wife and another man while exiting their plane.

The email of Serhiy Vlasenko (Yulia Tymonshenkos attorney), have been released to the public for all to see who paid who and who did what and how involved the US and EU were. They are not only up to their elbows, they have crawled in with their entire bodies completely! These emails contain many documents that will blow your mind. Many involving the US and EU are already in English for you to see whats REALLY going on. This attorney has since been charged with criminal acts.

The LIST OF EMAILS can all be read here: http://www.vlasenkoleaks.com/

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So now that a pro Russia president is re-elected by the people in 2010 (Viktor Yanukovych), the United States is again grinding and mashing their teeth while rolling up their sleeves of might as a NATO base is their end goal in the game to help surround Russia and China. The US dismissed the cases against Tymonshenko as “politically motivated” however, one of the best global law firms in the United States found they were in fact legitimate, and NOT “politically motivated.” These are known as the Skadden Arps reports.


The FULL REPORT can be read from here: http://cxssr.org/2012/12/skadden-arps-report-vindicates-ukraine-demolishes-tymoshenko/

An complete audit done by Trout Cacheris of the finances done under the corrupt government of Yushchenko, and the charges that led to the arrest of Yulia Tymonshenko show corruption.


This FULL REPORT can be read from here: http://vlasenkoleaks.com/fls/Tymoshenko_Akin_Gump_Report.pdf


In a leaked phone call between the US Assistant Secretary Victoria Nuland US ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt:

In a leaked phone call between the EU foreign affairs chief Catherine Ashton and Estonian foreign affairs minister Urmas Paet:

In a leaked phone call between the Former Ukrainian PM Yulia Tymoshenko and Nestor Shufrych Ukrainian parliamentarian and statesman:

All Videos uploaded by RT

Conversation captured between the snipers on the roof above Maidan Square in Kiev

The US sent in its own “private military” to fight Ukrainians who disapprove of their US choice of crooks to to run Ukraine.

Video By Press TV

Who has been caught in Ukraine during this crisis?

The situation in Ukraine is very plain to see. The Unites States (the EU merely follows like the good little dog they are), wants to continue its original geopolitical strategy to place yet another NATO base next to Russia and attempt to control the flow of gas out of Ukraine. Further proof when the United States vice president Joe Biden announces that his own son Hunter will work for the leading gas company in Ukraine. The problem with the sanctions is they dont hurt Russia as much they would lead you to believe, they hurt the civilians who benefit from the relations, and the business that run them in all countries involved.



The Hashtag to describe crimes of the US government on other countries: #USHegemony


Research published by NevaehWest for SFP on 25/05/2014