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4 Suicide Terrorists (3 Foreign+1 Syrian) Attacked Idlib Countryside With Different Truck-Bomb: One of Them Is north-American.

The 4 troglodytes, that are part of the mercenary gangs of selected lunatics of al-Nusra Front, have accomplished the four suicide bombings in al-Arbaeen, the mountains around Idlib, by targeting certain checkpoints of the Syrian Arab Army.

The suicide bombers came from America, Maldives, Azerbaijan, plus a Syrian deranged psychopath, with the brain damaged because of too prolonged stay in the sewers.

The U.S. terrorist, in the picture, was called Abu Huraira al-Amriki.



american-moron-terrorist-Abu Huraira al-Amriki

Creepy Photos Surface of First American Suicide Bomber in Syria

This week, U.S. officials say an American citizen helped launch a suicide attack against the Syrian government. Jihadist social media accounts circulated images purported to represent the American, who went by the name Abu Huraira al-Amriki.

Suicide Bombing, Carried Out By An American Moron, Filmed

The fact that Amriki appeared to have honed the ability to conduct terrorist attacks in Syria is unsettling for counterrorism experts who fear that more American extremists will pick up the tools of the trade there and then return to the United States to carry out attacks…read more …


SFP – 26/5/2014