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Syrians abroad elect their president amid high voter turnout, voting extended until midnight

With a remarkably high turnout, Syrian citizens abroad are casting ballots on Wednesday at the Syrian embassies in several capitals worldwide to choose one out of three candiates as a president for their country.

Due to the high turnout, the Higher Judicial Committee for Elections extends voting time in all Syrian Embassies where elections are held by five hours.

Since 7 am according to Moscow’s local time, the Syrian citizens in Russia headed to their country’s Embassy for choosing a president who they deem competent and capable of fulfilling their national aspirations.

Two rooms were prepared in the Embassy for citizens to elect secretly and in a democratic atmosphere.

A number of the Syrians voted in blood to express their farthermost support to the Syrian state and army, adding that voting is the least to do in defense of the country.

They highlighted that voting proves that the Syrian people, leadership and army are united in the face of aggressions and terrorism.

The participants in China expressed pride that the Syrian citizens all over the world are participating in building the future of their country through practicing their right and duty of choosing a president to Syria.

At 7 am according to the local time of Beijing, the Syrian Ambassador and Embassy personnel received the citizens coming from all over the Chinese cities.

Syria’s Ambassador in China Imad Mustafa said the Syrians in China are enthusiastic over the elections as they are the first community to vote due to time zone differences.

Mustafa said that holding the elections is a victory in and of itself, adding that who wins the elections is not important because what really matters is that the Syrian state is present and adherent to the new constitution and will never permit a constitutional vacuum.

Syrian citizens in Iran headed to the polling rooms set at the Syrian Embassy HQ in Tehran.

Syria’s Ambassador to Iran Adnan Mahmoud said that holding elections at the Syrian Embassy in Tehran and our embassies around the world is “a translation of the Syrian people’s will through the ballot boxes”, as it also represents their national choices for the upcoming stage, on top of which being restoring stability to the country and adhering to sovereignty and national unity.






Tens of thousands of Syrians in Jordan flooded the embassy in Amman to vote in the presidential elections and assert their right in choosing a leader for their country and rejection of foreign interferences.

Tens of thousands of voters stressed their keenness on participating in the event as to express their support to the Syrian state and its freedom, dignity and sovereignty.

The voters chanted slogans in support of candidate Dr. Bashar al-Assad and the Syrian Army. New elections rooms were allotted to assimilate the numbers of voters.

The Media Office at the Embassy in Algeria said the high turnout of voters is “natural” and indicates harmony between the visions of the Syrian citizens and the state for putting an end to the crisis based on the people expressing their free will in electing their president and determining their country’s future.

The voting process in the Czech Republic enjoyed wide media coverage, with reporters from various Czech outlets describing the event as the most influential not only in Syria but in the Middle East region and the world.

The Syrian Embassy in Poland witnessed a wide turnout by the Syrians, who organized a massive rally in front of the embassy to express support to the presidential elections and the Syrian Arab Army.

The voters, carrying Syrian flags, stressed that voting embodies the victory of Syria over its enemies.

Charge d’affaires of the Embassy Idrees Mayya said that 70% of the Syrians who registered in the embassy to vote have already come by 1 pm on a work day, expecting the rate of participation to hit 100% of the registered Syrians.

Syrian citizens in Spain went to practice their constitutional right in choosing their president , affirming commitment to make this democratic process a success, and to build modern Syria, hailing the role of the Syrian Arab Army in confronting the conspiracy to which the country is exposed.

A huge turnout of voters is witnessed in Lebanon’s capital of Beirut, where huge crowds of Syrian citizens have gone to the Syrian Embassy since early hours this morning to practice their right and duty in choosing a president for their country.

Syria’s Ambassador in Beirut Ali Abdulkarim told journalists that the turnout is high, as the number of voters is expected to hit tens of thousands, adding that those who could not vote today have another opportunity on 3rd of June to vote in the border cross points centers.

Abdulkarim said that the participation in the elections is a direct response to those who bet on disrupting the elections process, as it also indicates that the Syrian people believe in their country, its dignity and sovereignty.

Later, Abdulkarim said that the Embassy will remain open until midnight to allow as many citizens as possible to vote.

Balloting in Iraq seems to witness an increasingly high turnout, with the Syrian Ambassador Sattam Jadaan al-Dandah stressing that electors have been coming from the various Iraqi cities to the embassy’s HQ in Baghdad to elect a candidate.

The Syrian citizens living in Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) went to participate in the presidential elections at the Syrian Embassy in Pyongyang.

The DPRK Foreign Ministry expressed solidarity with the Syrian Embassy, wishing the presidential elections process be success, as it also stressed its constant support to Syria in the international forums.

In Romania, Syrians began heading to the Embassy in Bucharest since 7 AM, coming from various cities and areas to cast their votes, with the participants saying that they are voting to keep Syria united and saying that the general atmosphere of elections at the embassy is excellent and that the turnout is good.

The Syrian Embassy in the Yemeni capital of Sana’a witnessed a huge turnout of the Syrians coming from all Yemen’s cities in commitment to their constitutional right and in defense of their country’s sovereignty and freedom.

Syria community members in Cyprus flocked from all cities to the Syria Embassy in Nicosia to take part in practicing their constitutional right in electing their president, stressing the importance of their role in supporting Syria’s national stances.

They pointed out that elections are a national achievement of the Syrian citizens, adding that elections present the will of the Syrian citizens in choosing their president.

The Syrian Embassy in Indonesia witnessed a huge turnout of voters, who came to participate in the presidential elections.



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