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More Syria insurgents moved to Israeli hospitals

Israeli hospitals are everyday more busy to receive dozens of mercenary terrorists fleeing from Syria injured in fighting against the Syrian National Armed Forces.

Occupied Palestine 30/05/2014 ~ More injured mercenaries fleeing from Syria were admitted to Nahariya Hospital, in the occupied Palestine, al-Jalil area, which has so far treated hundreds injured terrorists from different jihadist gangs.

The Israeli website ‘Walla’ reported that at least two injured were in critical condition, nearly died, another one sustained head and body injuries, and  few more others with wounds in the chest and abdomen.

The Israeli occupation authorities have so far hospitalized hundreds of injured mercenaries and terrorists in the framework of unlimited open logistic and military support to the armed gangs, trained by US military & CIA officers in Jordan to launch direct attacks inside Syria.


Zionist entity’s field hospital in occupied Golan

The Nobel Peace Prize, Barak Obama, has recently declared and promised more financial and military support to the jihadist mercenary groups in Syria, which includes, as military sources stated, also the BGM-71-TOW anti-tank rockets launchers.

misiles antitanque estadounidenses BGM-71 TOW-20140420

This is the real face of the Western democracies, of which Israel is an important part, which would like to impose their bloody tyranny on sovereign countries in the world, as they do with their own people, slaves of usury, taxes, depravation and mafious gangs managed by false-democratic politicians.


Jihadists mercenaries killed while fleeing towards the turkish border


Suburb north of Lattakia, towards the turkish border: dozens of mercenary terrorists were killed or wounded in clashes with Syrian Arab Army units.

Turkish ambulances transported the injured survivors in Turkey, through the border crossing Al-Amanah.

The Syrian army is waging violent clashes near Kasab, advancing and taking control of the strategic point of the hill 724, cutting the line for supplies to the Erdogan‘s militia, between Rabia’a ​​and Mount Al-Neser.


SyrianPatriot for ‘the real Syrian Free Press Net’ – 30/05/2014