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The “Democratic United States” will NOT allow Syrians to vote.

Although the Unites States claims this “democracy” all over the world, they are anything but democratic. The United States, and her allies have closed all embassies so Syrians living abroad cannot vote. Im not sure how much more shameful one could get. The US would like to keep up their perpetual lies that the current Government in Syria has “lost all legitimacy” but nothing could be further of the truth. The west knows this, and therefore closed their embassies to keep Syrians from voting th keep their own embarrassment to as minimal as they can.

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Al-Baath Assistant Secretary: Students Support Army to Combat Wahhabism ..

May 28, 2014

Aleppo, (SANA) – In support of the presidential elections and the Syrian Arab army in confronting terrorism, Syria’s National Students Union in Aleppo held a celebration at Aleppo University Campus.

In a speech during the celebration, al-Baath Arab Socialist Party Assistant Regional Secretary, Hilal al-Hilal, stressed that the Syrian students are supporting the Syrian Arab Army to eliminate Wahhabism.

Al-Hilal pointed out that whatever the terrorists do, they will not be able to undermine Syria’s steadfastness, adding that the Syrian people have made their decision in this universal war through the ballot boxes and the Syrians will elect President Bashar al-Assad.

Damascus, (SANA) A flood of Syrian nationals in Lebanon, extending as far as the eye can see, streamed to their embassy in Beirut last Wednesday to cast their ballots in a magnificent, jaw-dropping scene that proved extremely perplexing to the camp hostile to Syria.

Waving the Syrian flags and honking their car horns while holding banners and chanting patriotic slogans, Syrian citizens, estimated in their hundreds of thousands, flocked from all Lebanese cities and villages, clogging the roads and streets leading to the Syrian embassy in Yarzeh, east of Lebanon’s capital, Beirut.

The remarkably high voter turnout in Lebanon grabbed headlines, with the Lebanese dailies publishing thorough analyses and opinion articles and TV channels hosting talking heads and pundits to elaborate on the event. Furthermore, the images of the huge crowds of Syrians went viral.

Wind taken out of March 14 sails

Syrians turnout


Anti-Syria Camp Taken Aback by High Voter Turnout Among Syrian Expats ..

May 30, 2014

Like a thunderbolt did the scene of hundreds of thousands of Syrians marching to take part in presidential elections hit the March 14 forces, a Lebanese political alliance which professes deep-seated animosity towards Syria. Reeling from an unexpected shock and gripped by a paroxysm of fury, the March 14 forces went as far as calling for expelling the Syrians from Lebanon and incriminated having their names registered or numbered counted.

In the heat of their rage, the anti-Syria camp in Lebanon, represented by March 14, seems to have forgotten that it was it which took part, two years ago, in setting up tents for receiving the Syrians coming from across the border, with the clear intent to use them as a political bargaining chip.

Not a unique scene

However, the high voter turnout in Lebanon was not an exception. Syrians all over the world have displayed no less enthusiasm-taking into account the varying numbers of Syrian expatriates in each country -turning the Syrian embassies abroad into grand, awe-inspiring shows of patriotism.

No change in public sentiment

Anticipating a voter apathy or even a boycott of elections; a wishful thinking that was soon dashed, some countries and powers have been under the illusion that a shift might have occurred in the Syrian public sentiment, especially in those who left for neighboring countries whom they hoped to have harbored grudges or-worst still-ended up turncoats against their own government and homeland.

The Syrian voters abroad, whose numbers have far exceeded expectations, turned out to choose their new president and, by association, to draw the future of their country. By so doing, the Syrians have by all accounts turned the table on those wagering on their diminished loyalty or waning patriotism.

The Syrians living abroad cast their ballots Wednesday, May 28, in a vote to choose a president. Three candidates are competing for the country’s top post, including incumbent president Dr. Bashar al-Assad. The Syrians living inside Syria are set to vote on June 3.

Images of Syrians flocking to the Syrian embassy in Beirut to cast their votes in the presidential elections via “SAWA”

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