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President al-Assad Damascus thanks  people-s awareness

President Bashar al-Assad:

“Damascus has held its ground thanks to its people’s awareness”.

In Damascus, President Bashar al-Assad applauded the people of Damascus city over their awareness which has enabled it to hold its ground in the face of the terrorist attack facing the country.

The President’s praise of Damascus city, which he said has withstood all invaders and held firm throughout history, came during a meeting Saturday with a number of the city’s dignitaries who have had a mark in the reconciliation efforts in various areas.

President al-Assad affirmed that the power of any country stems from that of its people, saying:

“Was it not for the high popular sentiment, Syria would not have been able to remain firm and frustrate the externally-plotted schemes against it”.


The real Syrian Free Press.net Network on 01/06/2014

from SANA reports on 31/-5/2014

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